Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gettin' Fit with Fido (or Molly)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that (especially lately), Molly has become my go-to running buddy. It's good for her, it's good for me to slow down every now and again, and it's been fun having a furry sidekick on some of my #RWrunstreak runs these past few weeks.
Molly's first (and only) 5K - PetFest 5K, San Marcos, TX
Molly's done one 5K with me, ever, and I'd like to get her back up to a point that I can have her tag along again soon. But for now, she's killing these 1- and 2-milers with me, and I think will handle a 5K no problem. Lord knows this 5-year-old furball has enough energy to burn still, so I think it works out for her too!

Pre-run, Molly and I are all about the peanut butter. If I'm headed out on a long run, I usually eat a small PB sandwich, just enough to get the sugar and carbs, and enough in my stomach so I don't bonk halfway through. Molly... well, she's just a PB fiend anyway and will inhale it any chance she gets.

Molly, peanut butter fiend. worked with the amazing Julia Chan to create some exercises that are for humans, but are tailored after some natural dog movements - yes, even lifting a leg.

If I'm on a solo run, my favorite way to cool down is to grab the pup and head out for a good walk with her to allow my muscles to cool down enough without freaking out that I've stopped suddenly. If we're on a run together, we stop at least one block from home to walk and cool down and let the girl catch her breath - me, not her!

Do you work out with your pup? How do you cool down?

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  1. I don't run with my pups. They are not big on running. All my runs are pretty much solo which is why I want to join a running club. I am pretty sure it is going to happen really soon!