Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Adventures

You know, despite the fact that my days sort of drag on as I keep myself busy between daydreaming about all the races I'd like to do and job application after job application, I realize I have quite a bit to look forward to over the next few months. Not a ton of races, but enough to keep me occupied and focusing on the next great thing! 

First and foremost... 

Ragnar Napa Valley
September 19-20

So so so so excited about this - it's about half my team from So Cal and we're out to get our double medals for doing both So Cal and Napa in the same year! Holla! Excited. We are team On Ragnardays We Wear Pink and yes, as it suggests, we are all pinked out and all things Mean Girls. We're just not mean. Keep an eye out for us and our sweet magnets!

Riverside Hometown Heroes 5K
October 11

This is race #1 of the Run Riverside challenge. Since I was already signed up for the Citrus Half 2015 as a legacy runner, I figured I may as well do the other two and earn that extra medal because, duh. The cool part about the challenge is that you just have to run ANY of the races offered at all 3, so you could earn the extra bling for doing all three 5Ks. It's pretty sweet. So far, I'm planning on the 5K at each this one and Mission Inn, and then the half at Citrus. Woo!

But more than that - I feel in shape for the first time in a long while, and while I'm not focusing on speed right now so much as stamina and endurance, I'm excited that I've got a good little string of 5Ks to focus on this fall, too. My PR came last December (in the rain) when I was hardly running at all, so I feel like I've got some potential excitement coming. 

Race for the Rescues 5K
October 18

My dad's second 5K! This one is in Pasadena, all around the Rose Bowl. Dad's doing it as part of his health program at work, and I'm doing it with Molly because I can (her second 5K too!), and my uncle even signed up to walk. And it benefits local rescues. And puppies. So that's a given. 

Rock 'n Roll Los Angeles
October 26

I signed up for this one on National Running Day wayyyy back in June, so as much as I still forget about it, I'm excited to have a half coming up this fall. I hear the course is pretty flat and easy as well, so all the better. The medal got released not too long ago and I'm quite excited for it!

Mission Inn Run 5K (probably)
November 9

I say probably only because there's a 10K option too. Doug's training for the New Year's half this fall and wants to do a 10K at some point to see how he's doing, so I'm not sure if it'll be this one or the Dino Dash the week before... but at least the 5K here for me!

I've got one more half marathon pending in December - more on that soon I hope, as I've got some goodies to share too with that, just waiting on some last details! Woo hoo! 

What are you up to this fall? Any races you're particularly excited about?


  1. Those are some good races. I have Long Beach in October and then Las Vegas R&R in November. Neither one are goal races for me. I will be running LB with a friend hoping to help her PR and I am running LV with my other half just for fun. I am not sure if I will add any other races to my schedule for the remainder of 2014. Have fun in Napa! I wish I was running it :(

    1. I'm sad you're not running Napa either! We'll have to find some other races - maybe Thanksgiving 5K again! :)

  2. I'm excited for Ragnar! Mostly I'm excited to see friends....the running is typically exciting when I first start or right when I end! See you in a week!