Friday, October 3, 2014

September Recap

Total run mileage: 100.7. Just .3 more than August, but heck yes... movin' on up! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 
 36 (whew)
# Runs: 25 (4 less than August!)
# Rest days: 9 
# Cross-training workouts:  Just walks with Molly... I really need to get back into some sort of true cross-training, especially if I'm going full-blown with plans for the LA Marathon! 
# Races: 
     - Ragnar Napa Valley (Part 1 here, the rest to come next week!)
     - St Paul Harvest Festival 5K

Favorite run: PRing in that 5K - I've never raced a 5K quite like that, nor ever felt so tired after a 5K, so I know I did it right and raced with what I had in me. A 1:02 in a 5K is pretty huge, so I'm feeling pretty good, strong, and confident with that kind of progress!

Most hardcore run: I mean, Ragnar in total was pretty hardcore this time around. 26.3 miles in less than two days, let alone at heat indexes of 100+. But that 11 mile Ragnar leg was probably the most beastly of them all. More to come in my recaps next week, but having an 11-miler as your last leg, let alone at 4 in the afternoon in 90+ degree weather on a long, straight, asphalt road is tough. To say the least. 
Despite what it looks like here, I'm actually convinced I was dying at some points of that leg. Fact.
Side note: I have no idea how it combined all my images and made a clip. Awesome. 
Current obsession: Dreaming of ALL the races. :)

Current song: I mean, duh, September just ended. 

Current need: I'm tired of whining about my job hunt to you all, so my current need/desire is to find some extra motivation for a little cross-training and strength-training efforts. I'm feeling all kinds of in shape, but wish I had access to a gym right now to ensure that I'm working all of me and not just my legs and lungs. Suggestions?

Also, saving some extra cash this month so I can register for the LA Marathon! Yep, you read that right, I'm looking forward to tackling marathon #2 and making it a hometown one. LAM is also celebrating their 30th Anniversary, so what better than the year I turn 30, even if my birthday is like six months later? Excited! 

Current triumph: Another 100 mile month. A stellar 5K PR. Making progress, kids. Making progress! 

Current goal: #October100miles, so that'd be 3 100-mile months in a row. I'd like to aim for 110 this month. 

I'm also looking forward to doing both the Long Beach Half and Rock 'n Roll LA this month, and hoping that I can gun for at least two sub-2 races on flat courses. Looking forward to seeing what I'm made of and what I can push for! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for October?


  1. I was wondering when the official "I'm doing another marathon" announcement was coming!!!! I was thinking it'd be awesome to run again while you run your full but I think they only have a 5k which isn't something I travel for. So then I thought I'd just cheer you on for once but then I checked my calendar and it's the same weekend of Sam and Anna's wedding. Maybe I can get electronic updates and cheer you on from AZ?!

    1. You can totally get electronic updates I'm sure - I'm bummed you won't be there. And yeah, they only have a 5K that Saturday. Next marathon, we'll make it an adventure again!

  2. Oh and PS I'm jealous of your running clip - it's awesome!

    1. I have NO idea how that happened. I downloaded all the images on by one off the Ragnar site, and then went I went to go upload them into my post here, they were a magical gif clip! I'm pretty excited about it! Haha.

  3. Oh my gosh LA Marathon!! That's great! I am not going to run it in 2015 but I plan to run it in 2016. Great job on those 100 mile months!

    1. Yes! I decided it was high time I sign up for #2 (at least). I'm pretty excited about it - will you at least cheer at the IERC table?! :)