Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I haven't done any of these Weekend Wrap Ups in awhile forever- mostly because my weekends aren't terribly exciting on the norm... but somehow this weekend turned into a freaking (exhausting!) blast! I promise to get better. Or at least try more than once a year. Where do we start? My favorite part, Friday.

My bestest, Tina, and her family were down in Oceanside (about 80 miles from me) for the weekend and after much hmming and hawing, I decided to not sign up for the 5K she was doing on Saturday - I know, me, not race?! - but decided to head down on Friday instead since I didn't have much else going on.

I wish with all my heart I could show off her precious little babies - I haven't seen the twins since January when I was in Phoenix for RnR Arizona and we all know that babies change a lot in 10 months! Holy moly. The first time I met them was in January, when they were hardly five  months old and are now busy toddling-around 14-month-olds. And they are precious and I wish I could see them more than once every ten months. I made a promise - I'll be back soon kiddos! At any rate, we went out to lunch, I was way too entertained with how much babies find things like paper coasters entertaining (if only it were that simple again, right?), and generally enjoying all things baby (shocker for me, seriously). I loved getting to see them and despite a fairly short drive between LA and Phoenix, I wish it were even shorter. Love you guys. <3

Saturday, I hauled my butt out of bed early for my run with the IERC. I seriously joined Labor Day weekend and this was my third or fourth weekend there. I need to focus and committ to Saturday mornings with them, but especially considering I'm not even registered for LA yet, it's hard... it'll come. But I'm enjoying getting to know new folks and having groups to run with for these long runs! 11 miles tackled on Saturday, and 12 more to go this coming weekend!

I spent the rest of Saturday lounging, watching some crazy college football games, and generally doing nothing. Doug was out with the boys, so I got to tag along with my parents to dinner and a trip to the craft store - what 29-year-old's dream! I kid. I love my parents, and am eternally grateful for them taking Molly and I in when I lost my job in June. Not all parents would do that, nor be as accomodating as they have been. And I generally do enjoy my time with them, even on a Saturday night. :)

On Sunday, mom and I gathered up the crazy idea to check out the TOMS warehouse sale that was going on near us - mind you, I've always wanted a pair of TOMS, have never wanted to pay full price, even though they go to a good cause... but you know, had other important shoes to buy. Because duh. So we figured a warehouse sale was a great chance to check 'em out and/or stock up on Christmas presents. Well, Christmas present fail but my mom walked out with two pairs and I got a pair of wedges that I'm super stoked about.

Considering the store was literally in just a giant, empty warehouse (as you can see above) and just organized in boxes, it wasn't actually all that chaotic. I am actually super impressed. When you get in line, you're given a colored wristband (lime, in our case). Once you're inside, there's another small line and a final check point where someone lets you through. They give so many people the same color band, so when they let you through they say, "Lime green! You have 30 minutes and then you're done," so they can keep the flow. It actually worked quite well - again, impressed. We were in the outside line at 8:35 and back to the car by 9:50. Not bad at all. Considering my mother a) hates shopping, b) hates lines, c) was in line for shoes she didn't even know about until Saturday night, we did pretty well for ourselves!

Happy weekend - and a busy one! Looking forward to a mellow week, but spending some time next weekend working the Avengers Expo at Disneyland, running 12 miles, and then working Avengers again! Woo hoo!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting?

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