Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why I (Secretly) Wish it Were Kind of Cold in Southern California

… also known as “sometimes, I miss my cold morning runs in the South.” Which might also translate to “sometimes I wish it weren’t 70 degrees in November.” I say this now. Remind me of it later when I complain that it’s now “cold” (re: 50 degrees) in our little sunshine capital of the country.

At any rate, the only reason I am sharing this strange little secret is because while the rest of my runner friends across the country are layering up in fun prints, leggings and jackets, I’m excited over my $4 clearance running shorts I found the other week (because, you know, it’s November, and we shouldn’t be wearing shorts!). I’ve been eye-balling so many fun women’s’ running clothes online that I just can’t justify getting because let’s be real, I’ll get to wear them a few times during our five-day-winter and then stuff them back in the drawers until next December and forget they even exist.

Take these Sweaty Betty leggings for example:

Sweaty Betty
Deceptively heathered gray, but so much more than that! There’s enough color to spice ‘em up! Pace Run Tights
I stocked up on so many pairs of leggings and tights and jackets in Georgia and Texas, and now I’m just itching to pull them out. Maybe I’ll go run up in the mountains one weekend at my aunt’s place just so I can enjoy some of this cold weather concept, hm?

I stumbled upon Sweaty Betty recently and am just dying to purchase something – I’m thinking of snagging these up for my sister, who actually has winters in New York, and runs sometimes… but for running or not, aren’t these the most fun leggings you’ve ever seen?! They’re actually from Sweaty Betty’s skiing line, but who says they can’t be used for cold-weather running too, seeing as they’re fleece-lined and sweat-wicking. I call that a win. (Sister, I’m sorry if I just ruined your Christmas present)

Sweaty Betty
Totally kickass (could-be) running leggings! Love.
Criss Cross Ski Seamless Legging

My favorite thing in the world – really, let’s all admit how under-appreciated they are – are thumbholes. Again, given the lack of a need to need to wear long sleeves unless I’m going out before the sun’s up, I don’t get to sport my favorite kind of intentional-hole all that often.

Sweaty Betty
I love this way more than I should. The color, swoon. But, guys, thumbholes!
Competitor Run Hoody

I even got a running jacket for Ragnar Napa (in fear of real “weather,” not that 100-degree heat index we got) that I have yet to wear because since Ragnar Napa, minus like two days where I didn’t run anyway, it’s been sunshiny and blissfully wonderful. But, secretly, I wish it were colder so I had a reason to validate buying so much of these things I’m loving.

While, deep inside, I could totally justify buying these things because, you know, it’ll be cold some mornings, but it just gets me more excited for spring and summer when we just get to rock shorts and tanks for a few months all year. ;) Jealous yet?

Sweaty Betty

I'm loving these colors... so. freaking. much.

My other favorite part about getting through winter is that all the fun colors come back out to play – but no one says you can’t rock super bright teal all through winter, right? All the better for people to see you in the dark! I say rock super bright year round – maybe it’ll take out that gray factor from your winter and add a little glimmer of fun to get through those dark, winter morning runs, amiright?

What’s your favorite part about running in the cold (surely it’s something even if it means “wearing 5 layers of cute stuff at a time”)? 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Sweaty Betty, but all opinions are my own. I was compensated for the content of the post, but am seriously excited about their products and can’t wait to save a few bucks and splurge on some for myself! 

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