Monday, December 29, 2014

On Being Behind

Hi strangers!

I am so far behind on all things blogging related - I mean, I ran 4 races in December and haven't told you about a single one of them! Blogger fail. But let's be real. I had a kick ass December. I'm really planning on getting a race cap or two done here (at least for Sunday's half), but in the meanwhile, I'll tell you what I've been up to (or you can always follow me on Instagram, because then you'll be more likely to know!). ;) But as you'll see in my mostly-photos-recap of the last four weeks, it's been craaaaaazy... and real fun.

December started with the Reindeer Romp, a local 5K that we ran last year and plan on running for the next few years, if only to collect their awesome ornaments. Not a PR, but a solid showing (26:10) and good for 3rd in my age group. 
The named reindeer changes every year so you can eventually collect them all!
 And then Doug's high school football team won their CIF championship game that night!

I got my championship fill that weekend, too, as Dad and I ventured to the 2014 MLS Cup to watch our LA Galaxy be the #FirsttoFive MLS Cups. My first Cup game and our team won, to boot! 

The following weekend was December Epic Adventure Weekend #1, the only (mostly) planned one of the month, and we figured a great way to end the year. On Saturday, Dad and I ran the Lexus Lace Up 5K (thanks, GroupOn!) - a super tough course but a 25:31 finish, good for a 1st age group win, which hasn't happend in a loooong time. I was also 11th female overall!

Later that day, Doug and I headed to KROQ's annual Almost Acoustic Christmas show - it's now a 2-day show, and we snagged tickets to an amazing night one: New Politics, Royal Blood, Walk the Moon, Bush, Fall Out Boy, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Incubus and Rise Against. A-MAZ-ING.

The next morning, I got up and raced again! This time, the Santa Hustle Half Marathon. Santa Hustle is new to the west coast and I was lucky enough to earn a free entry through its ambassador program. Doug ran the 5K while I chatted with Natalie for 2:17:39. A totally and completely flat course, which I'm finding is more challenging than rolling hills. After the race, we spent all day playing at Knotts Berry Farm (the half marathon registration comes with park tickets!).

The following weekend (are you tired yet, because I am) we headed to Vegas for Doug's big 30th birthday! He wanted to go all out, so 7 of us headed out for the weekend, complete with club tour, gourmet steakhouses and all the fun. Happy 30th, babe!

Christmas, of course, came and went. We spent Christmas Eve and the next morning at my aunt's house in Big Bear (so a semi-white Christmas!) and then I finished Christmas Day at Doug's. I love having so many places to go, but man! It's tiring, too.

And then this past weekend was an impromptu December Epic Adventure Weekend #2: having one last lunch with my sister and sending her off to the airport back to New York, the Holiday Bowl on Saturday night, running a half marathon on Sunday morning that I signed up for on the way to the Holiday Bowl, and then killing the rest of the day at Sea World to end the year of our annual passes.

Epic month. I'm tired. Race recaps coming soon, I promise, as I get ready to kick off a new year with this blog! More on that coming soon!

Was your December as craaaaazy as mine?

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