Thursday, January 8, 2015

On the Red Carpet!

... not really, but I wish. At least I was close! The People's Choice Awards was last night and Doug and I got tickets from my dad for Christmas. YES! You can buy tickets to these things! Random and awesome.

Once we got inside Nokia, we grabbed a drink and hung out on the huge bay windows that overlooked the red carpet and celebs' entrance... you know, far away from us normal people!We saw Adrian Greer, Monica Potter, and some crazy lady with giant blonde hair who I have yet to be able to identify.

Our seats were pretty incredible - though far back, we were in the first deck, so even though we couldn't necessarily see faces clearly, we knew exactly what was happening on stage. There were two huge monitors on either side of the stage that allowed us to actually see faces and identify people - or, in some cases, we'd turn to each other and ask, "Who?" Apparently we're getting old.

It was neat seeing what all went into the production of such a show. Before the show even started, one of the production folks came out, explained that we'd hear a countdown after each commercial break and that when he raised one arm, we'd need to cheer and applaud as loud and as enthusiastically as possible. At Nokia, the balcony has the best shot of making it on TV, as their secondary cameras are rigged up top.

Hooray Big Bang Theory!
 I was, admittedly, a little star struck, even though I was super far away from the folks I love, but being under the same roof is pretty cool, especially when you've never gotten to do that before! Yes, people, it's possible to live in LA and not see celebrities everywhere (not to mention the suburbs like me). :)

All in all, probably one of THE most random adventures we've gotten to be a part of but it was pretty dang cool! Now I might just have to look into being a seat filler for more awards ceremonies in the future...

Have you ever attended a star-studded awards ceremony? Or been a seat filler somewhere?

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