Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Team Rock 'n Blog 2015

I've been waiting for a bit to talk about this, if not just to get the year started, but y'all... I am so so so excited to officially put this out there! I've been chosen as part of the Rock 'n Roll race series' 100 bloggers to serve as part of the #RocknBlog team for 2015!

What does this mean, exactly? Rock 'n Blog members serve for one year on the team and our goal is to get everyone as pumped about running Rock 'n Roll events as we are! We'll let you know the latest and greatest news, host tweet-ups and other shenanigans for you at expos and races, and ensure you get some high-fives at the finish lines. Basically, we're in your face... all the time... about all things Rock 'n Roll. Stoked? I am. 

Here comes the tough part. I've only run 3 RnR races before: Las Vegas, Arizona, and Los Angeles. As part of the team, I get to run three races, both to experience them for myself and share the RnR love to new places and new faces, wherever I go! The question: where on earth do I go? My current thoughts:

San Diego (May 31) - home to the original RnR race, my lovely home during grad school (where I first attempted to run), and well... just a fantastic place altogether. This one's pretty much a done deal in my head. The real question: the full or the half? 

Seattle (June 13) - I would love nothing more to get away for a weekend, and even cross another half-marathon state off my list.  

San Jose (September 26-27) - San Jose is supposed to be a rocking flat course, and now is part of the Remix series, so you'd get an extra medal to boot if you did the 5K too! I'm all up for a challenge, so why not this one?

Brooklyn (October, TBD) - The RnR Brooklyn 10K is being reincarnated as a half marathon, currently slated for sometime in October. My sister lives there, it's my birthday month, it's a new race. I'm hearing "birthday present to self" up here! 

[images TBD! I can't wait!]

Los Angeles (October 25) - I had a blast at the RnR LA last year, and would love to do it again, if not for the extra heavy medal love at this point in the year! Why not get an extra piece of hardware? Further, if I manage to get up to San Jose too, I'd earn the Cali Combo medal for doing San Diego, SJ and LA all in the same year. MORE bling, you say? Done. 

If I can manage all these - and more, in my dreams - I'd even more of the heavy medal series. We know Rock 'n Roll is all about the bling and the new Heavy Medal series doesn't disappoint. Have you checked it out yet?

I'd love to add this baby to my collection!

So, tell me. Which have you run? Where shouuld I go in 2015?


  1. Seattle! It's a great course and a great time of year to visit WA! Plus, I think I know someone who lives there :-P

    1. It's definitely on my list! I'd love to get up there... and run... and see you! :)