Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unexpected Adventures

So, somehow I've found myself on a Ragnar team. As of last Friday, officially. For a Ragnar that starts... tomorrow.

I mean, realistically, this is probably not shocking. Tina has been on a team with her local Moms Run this Town group (or at least what started this way). Over the last few weeks, they've had a number of runners fall in and out of the rotation. Someone just pulled out last week after having some PF issues and bam - the offer was thrown my way.

Phoenix is far enough but close enought that this isn't a stretch for me to be able to do -  not to mention, (nearly) the entire team is based there, so there's no extra lodging costs at all either! And, compared to a plane ticket, travel is cheap. I call it a win.
We'll be running from wild west Wickenburg (re: middle of nowhere) all the way up and around the north side of Phoenix, way out east, and then back in towards Tempe. Save for a few good hills (also known as my entire first leg), this is pretty flat in comparison to a lot of other Ragnars I've done so far.

I've joked that I don't want to repeat Ragnars until I've done them all - DC, So Cal, and Napa were a blast, but I'm excited to conquer a new one too! I'm excited to be runner 1 - better yet, excited to be in Van 1 over Van 2 (I'm still under the theory that Van 1 gets a lot more rest), we're driving ourselves (yes, that's a bonus in my book), and get to run with Tina, Erica, and Mandy again!

Ragnar Del Sol, here I come! I'm off this afternoon sometime to make way to Phoenix. I'll get there super late (8-9 pm), and we are out the door at 3 am to get to Wickenburg for our 5 am start. Needless to say, I'm already going to start Ragnar on a very, very tired foot. But that's how Ragnar goes, amiright?

Are you rocking with me at Ragnar Del Sol this weekend?

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