Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marathon Music

I legitimately don't run  with music anymore. As in, I couldn't tell you the last time I ran with headphones, nor the last time I even downloaded a song because I thought,  "Oh! That'll be great on my playlist!"

In fact, even when I made a playlist for the first full marathon I ran, I didn't even listen to music, but instead talked to my friend Michael the whole way. Whoops? Truth be told, I very much weened myself off of running with my phone in two phases: first, when I got my Garmin because then I didn't need to track on RunKeeper or anything and secondly, during marathon training for Surf City because I ran inside so often and wanted to be able to focus. I am very much the type that gets lost in the song I'm listening to. Which isn't always bad...

So my plan for LA isn't that I'm running with music. I'm running with people. However, I'd like a pump-me-up, kick-it-to-the-finish kind of playlist to get me through the last 6-8 miles, right when I need that kick in the pants and a good beat to let me drown out the tired, heat, and pain and be able to push strong to the finish.

Here's where you come in. As I said... I have old songs. Last song I downloaded?

Check out that 'added' date. Sad, huh? I mean, truth be told, if I DO listen to music around the house or whatever, it's usually off Pandora or Grooveshark, so it's not like I've had to download songs in recent history. But still, sad, because I know there's some great stuff out there!

So alright... lay it on me - what HAS to go on my playlist for this Sunday's magical 26.2 miles... or rather, last 10Kish?

What's your current go-to song for a good push?

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  1. I can't help you.
    I haven't listened to music when I've run in longer than that.

    Last song I downloaded? Maaaaaaaaybe 2009.