Monday, April 20, 2015

Marathon Monday 2015

It's Patriots Day to some, it's Marathon Monday to thousands and thousands of others. Like a billion other people I know, I spent the morning camped out at my desk at work with the live stream of the 2015 Boston Marathon rolling off to the side - on mute, because I was listening to online trainings for some software. Exciting.

See? At least I was being productive still. Because the race started at 6:30 am my time (PST), I didn't get to work until the elite women were about an hour and a half into their run (mind you, that's almost done!). By the time I got to work, Shalene had already dropped off, but Desi was holding on to the most amazing lead - woman is amazing and had a great showing today, finishing first American and an incredible fourth place.

I got to watch Meb, in the classiest finish line moment ever:

And then my favorite part: the Joe Schmos. Those that are incredible athletes and run crazy 2:45 full marathons and then some, who may be sponsored or endorsed here and there, but aren't full-time athletes. Those that train with their entire heart and soul, and qualify to get there and put it all out on the line to run from Hopkington to Boston to cross that magical finish line and meet the unicorn. Seeing all the folks from my running club and various race connections and ambassadors cross the line and celebrate all they've worked for the last 12+ months, or however long ago they qualified.

And for moments like this one, where Rebekah Gregory finished the same race she was watching two years ago when those horrific bombs went off. She had her leg amputated hardly six months ago and today, crossed that line and collapsed in tears. I cried with her.

I, personally, am a far cry from qualifying for Boston. At my current measly PR, I'd need to be 70 to qualify in my age category. I joke that I'll qualify with age, not with time. And maybe that's true. Or maybe one day, I'll find some speed in my legs and I'll be one of those celebrating the elusive BQ.

But for now, this day gives me more inspiration, motivation and encouragement than ever. It should be a freaking national holiday, not just one in Massachusetts. An amazing elite race, and even more amazing is watching the thousands of others that made their Boston dreams come true.

Thanks for the motivation, Boston!

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