Monday, April 13, 2015

Race Report | Angels 5K

April 11 | Anaheim, CA

... because who doesn't love all things Angels? Add some running in there, and you've got yourself a deal! Every year, the Angels Baseball Foundation hosts a 5K and kids' fun run all around  (and through!) Angels Staidum. Doug's done it a few years with his mom, and I wanted to last year but had a work commitment and couldn't. Finally... I got to join in on the fun.

Soon enough, we had a huge entourage - and now that I say it, I realize I have no photos of the whole gang! Doug, me, his mom, his sister, sister's boyfriend, my dad and my uncle were all part of the 4,400 runners (holy whoa!) that ran around Anahem on Saturday morning. 

There were two "waves" that frankly, didn't really do any good. They made an announcement that the first wave was able to move into the "corrals" and was first-come, first-served. So if the walkers and the folks with strollerrs moved quick enough, they were even at the front of the pack (even though they asked them to refrain from doing so). And then wave 2 loaded in - there were a few minutes between release times, but the course was so congested (again, 4,400 of us!) that it was hard to find any sort of regular running rhythm. 

I knew on my ankle, despite feeling totally good again, that I didn't want to race - and then seeing the crowd, knew there was no way to, so I had told Doug on Friday night that I'd run with him and we'd just have a fun run through Anaheim and the stadium. Lots of dodging and weaving, but managed the first mile in just about 9:15. Not bad, considering!

Chillin' with Mike Trout at mile 2.5. 
There were a couple of player cut-outs that you could take photos with, all in the name of adding to the fun in our fun run. Mike Trout and Jared Weaver made (cut-out) appearances, and there may have been a few more that we didn't catch.

Just about 2.7, you get to the best part... running through the stadium! 

They said, "You're in a really bad spot to stop here!" and I said "I know!" and we were quickly on our way. But what fun! Doug and I had a solid finish at 29:27 (wasting at least a solid minute for photos, and then another minute or so just with all the bobbing and weaving), so I couldn't have asked for more on a gorgeous Saturday morning!

Doug went to go find his mom, while I waited for dad to finish (who rocked at 37 minutes), and then grabbed my stuff and ran to find Doug and his mom and walk the rest with her. So I got to walk/jog through the stadium again and enjoyed the scenery even a little more the second time around. There were tons of people who had already finished, gotten their medal, and were clearly just coming back through to walk the stadium again. Heck yes, why not?!

You can't beat a spinning medal, either!
After we had finished and collected ourselves, we heard that they were letting folks down into the first level sections to get photos on the dug out. Um, duh, I'm there. So yes, we went and played on top of the dug out before getting scolded to sit down - but one of my most favorite photos ever.

There's no better way to support your team's foundation and philanthropic efforts than joining in for their 5K, amiright? I know Oakland (boo, hiss) had their 5K on Saturday morning as well, so it seemed all too appropriate timing. Go Halos!

Have you run a baseball/sports team's race before? Which team?

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