Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{Stitch} Fix My Closet, Please!

After months and months of watching friends collect new fun things for their closet, I finally got to jump on the Stitch Fix train! I told myself that I was allowed to sign up when I finally got a job - and, finally, one paycheck in, I'm in!

If you've been living under a rock, I'll catch you up: Stitch Fix is an online-based personal styling service. For $20 a month, a stylist will choose 5 items of clothing and/or accessories (jewelry, bags, scarves) based on a style profile you fill out about yourself. You can also use your Pinterest board to show your stylist what you're into, any specific things you're looking for (i.e. "I'm going to an outdoor wedding in September on the beach" or "I just got a new job and am looking to re-build an appropriate closet") and they use that as a guide.

As I'm sure you can tell, my first note to my stylist was mostly about building my professional closet up again. I'm very much guilty of "I should really replace this {color} cardigan, but just haven't bought another," or "I really need to buy well-cut slacks..." so I was hoping for some good, business but casual pieces.

My stylist, Vivian, really consulted my Pinterest board and even included 2 tops I'd pinned and asked for specifically. So... what'd I get?

Pixley - Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress ($68)

Fit and flare is pretty much what I'm all about. I'm pretty much straight down from the shoulders to my feet, so fit and flare pretty much guarantees me the illusion of a waist. This dress was no exception. I loved the v-neck back, it looks great with a skinny belt... seriously, there was no reason to say no to this dress! Except that I have a tank dress just like it that I already wear to pieces.

Keep it or leave it? Leave it - only because of the one I already have!

41Hawthorn - Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top ($58)

This was one of the tops I pinned, mostly because I'm obsessed with all things lace and lace-esque and lace-looking. The print on this is so pretty and the shirt material is super light, which means it'd be perfect for Southern California summers but I could still look put together. However, again with the straight-body issue is that despite this being a medium, I think it was a size too big for me and left me feeling very boxy.

Keep it or leave it? Leave it.

Ezra - Sonam Dress ($68)

My stylist noticed that I pinned a ton of lace dresses (fact) so she wanted to throw in one for me that was super easy to take from day to night. It's a gorgeous dark navy color - the front is 'lace' made up of flowers that all connect, while the back is simply navy cotton with a gorgeous big gold zipper up the back. I really did like it - but I think it needed to be a size smaller to give me a little more fit. Otherwise, love, love, love.

Keep it or leave it? Leave it... sadly!

Collective Concepts - Simpson Halter Blouse ($58)

Never mind the closed eyes... thanks mom.
When I got this box on Thursday, I immediately put this one first because I remembered it from my Pinterest board and was super excited Vivian included it in my box. And then I saw it on and was just like... meh. It just hung there, pretty boxy and shapeless for me.  I put it away for the weekend and tried it on again with some skinny jeans and heels (and the blazer, below) and it's really started to grow on me. It's pretty different, but I also like how loose and flowy the fabric is and so, so light - perfect for a heatwave of a summer in the impending future. 

Keep it or leave it? I'm sold! Keeping!

Kensie - Rebekah Contrast Detail Blazer ($88)

I loved this blazer (so light!) and loved even more the polka dot cuff (I had have a major polka dot obsession a few years ago that might still pop up):

Vivian suggested trying the halter under the blazer which I super duper loved. Truth be told, the only reason I wouldn't keep this blazer is because I already have two black ones and an indigo one that need some love... but now I have a great idea of what I can wear on top of the halter to make it a little more work-appropriate!

Keep it or leave it? Leave it... womp.

I was a little disappointed in the success of my first box, but my stylist sent everything I could haved asked for - work appropriate items, two items straight from my Style board, and noted my clear love of lace so went for that, too. She nailed the concepts, they just all didn't necessarily work on me

I've sent so many old pieces of clothing to Goodwill and local thrift stores that I'm excited to buff it up again with some new, classy pieces that I can wear to work, or dress down and wear out. I'm only going to be doing Stitch Fix once per month (you can do more frequently, every 2-3 weeks), and we'll see how long I'm going to fund this closet project for, but I'm excited!

Are you a Stitch Fix-er? How successful was your first box?

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