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2015 in Review: Running

Though I've been running for a few years now, and racing for just as many, I feel like I really took off as a runner this year. Between training and running another marathon to PRing my half time again to convincing Doug to participate in my shenanigans, I feel like this year was just a whole different game when it came to my fitness and running life.

18 Half Marathons
Yeah, you read that right. Before you get all 'don't do too many or you'll burn out', it's important to note that almost half of them were raced I paced, so were at times that are super comfy-casual for me even on my worst day. I got to race a few, pace some more, and truly just had a freaking blast.

I PRed my half marathon time by just about six minutes at Fontana in June. This was pretty unreal and totally unexpected and a fantastic way to wrap up racing before heading into summer.

I ran with Doug at his first half in January at New Year's Race and then watched him get totally caught up in the competition and accomplishment, so he went on to finish two more this year (OC and Long Beach), and is going to finish his Beach Cities Challenge at Surf City in February. He says he's retiring in February... I think he'll hang on for a few more. I am way proud of him and though I know he blames me for this, I think deep down he enjoys it. Just a little.

1 Marathon
One was enough this year. LA was the best distraction possible during my unemployment stint and IERC and training certainly got me through some terrible, terrible months. Though my time didn't turn out to be what I wanted, race day always has other plans in mind. Sometimes, I'm still angry but deep down I know that I have those goals (4:20) ahead of me. Maybe 2016 is it.

Pacing was a new venture I took on this year, with West Hills being the first race I've paced officially. Aside from pacing Monica to a PR at Long Beach in 2014, I'd never paced anyone to anything! All the races I've paced this year, with the exception of one (OC), are with Beast Pacing, an incredible company started up by an amazing ultra runner. I've had such a blast and am so grateful for the opportunities - pacing has allowed me to become a better runner, but I love getting to see folks finish their first half or knock out a 10-minute PR and then come up to you to thank you! Hey, sometimes I'm just out for a morning stroll, I just happen to do it with a stick in my hand and a medal at the end! Pacing really has allowed me to give back to the running community and runners everywhere.
Pacing at Surfers Point. November.
I paced 8 races this year, 7 of them half marathons and one 15K. I've already got quite a few lined up for 2016 and am stoked to check out some new races to boot! Thanks, Beast!

2 New States
One of my goals for 2015 was to get two half marathon states crossed off my list. Many thanks to two ambassadorships, I was able to do just that! I wish I had gotten to do more, but between unemployment and then jumping head-first into a new gig, I am so lucky I even got to make these two!

Brooklyn and Portland were part of my #30halfsfor30years shenanigans, with Portland being #30 and Brooklyn and Long Beach just follow-ups for fun - so yes, three halfs in 8 days. Portland gave me Oregon for state #8 and New York for state #9 just a week later. How lucky am I? So, so lucky.

This was my first back-to-back weekend ever, Brooklyn on Saturday and Long Beach on Sunday. It was tiring, to say the least. But I'm looking forward to more double weekends in the future to knock out some more states. Who wants to travel with me?

1,000 Miles
I did it. Yesterday morning I busted out a 9.4 mile run to knock out the very last of my mileage needed for #1000orbust. My only goal was to not be finishing my miles on New Year's Eve, and with December giving me a heck of a time between a pulled back muscle and a nasty cold, I ended up a few days behind and needing to make up for it. Lots of high mileage in the last week - but no complaints! I did it! 

Major goal for the year completed. This is super ups from just 757 in 2014, and even less the two years prior so to say I am elated is just an understatement. A minor one at that. ;)

My year would really not have been as fun, nor rewarding, as some of the amazing races and companies I was beyond forunate enough to represent this year! I got to continue my love affair with Sparkly Soul and continue wearing all these sparkly from coast to coast.

Playing around at Star Wars weekend for Sparkly Soul!
I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Rock 'n Blogger for the Rock 'n Roll race series, an ambassador for the Lexus Lace Up series, Portland MarathonLong Beach and Holiday Half races, and represent Beast Pacing at a slew of others across Southern California. These race folks and incredible teams put on amazing races and events and I feel so honored that I was able to represent them and what they stand for this year. Thank you to all of you!

2015 Long Beach & Holiday Half ambassador team. <3
It's hard to choose medal favorites, but I've pulled out some of my favorite medals from this year. Some are solely because the medal is super awesome (let's be real, half the reason we do this craziness are for super fun medals, no?), but also because of what the races meant for me. A post on this next week as I reflect on 2015 and look forward to racing in 2016!

An amazing year. I am so grateful and proud of what I've done this year. PRs in all distances (my 5K twice!), I've had two amazing race-cations, #30halfsfor30years accomplished, a blast pacing and check out all kinds of new races all over Southern California. Races in two new states, but runs in even more states! I am beyond lucky, and ready for what 2016 has to offer!

What was your biggest running accomplishment for the year? 

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  1. Wow, what a great year! Congrats on 18 half marathons. I've heard amazing things about Beast. I'm hoping to add pacing to my running resume in the future. Happy New Year, lady!