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Holiday Gift Guide 2015 | Runner Essentials

I love partnering up with other ambassadors and community members to share some of their favorites! I've got some great stuff all week, so make sure you keep checking back for some awesome gift guides from folks all across the interwebz! First up, Tam, a fellow Long Beach and Holiday Half ambassador that shares the Southern California sunshine with me! 

Holiday Gift Guide: Running Gear

I’m excited to be part of this holiday gift guide collaboration post (Thank you, Megan!) and give you the best running gear gift ideas for the runner in your life (or for yourself!) Every runner wants to look good when they run. When you look good, you feel good! Here are some ideas, from head to toe, to look good, recover well and be inspired!

Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for INKnBURN, Orange Mud and Momentum Jewelry. As always, all opinions are my own. I will get affiliate credit for Orange Mud and Momentum Jewelry, if you use my link and discount. Thank you!

1) Technical Trucker Hat by BOCO Gear and BIC Bands ($26.00)
My new favorite trucker hat is by BOCO Gear. BOCO makes technical trucker hats and BIC Bands partnered with BOCO to make an exclusive line. I love the California Run hat in aqua and black. BIC Bands also makes my favorite non-slip headbands. The best part about BIC Bands is that Sandy, the owner, started Because I Can Bands as a fundraiser for Team in Training. Her bands were such a hit that she continued making, selling and giving back. In the last 2 years, BIC Bands has donated over $30,000 to various charities. Amazing!

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2) Orange Mud Buff ($19.95) 

The Orange Mud Buff, made by Original Buff, can be worn 12+ ways. It’s soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I love it to keep my neck warm for a cold morning run or after a run as a headband.

My 10% discount code: TAMPEEPS

3) Orange Mud Challenge Headband ($9.95)
The Challenge Headband is a perfect stocking stuffer! It’s great for guys and girls. Sport this headband after a run. You can change buy additional patches for $3.95 and replace the one it comes with to show what you’ve accomplished! I love headbands and this one is very comfy and doesn’t move.

My 10% discount code: TAMPEEPS

4) Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra ($60)
Moving Comfort is my favorite sports bra and I love the Juno design. This bra gives you shape, support and fits well. It doesn’t chafe (unless you’ve had it too long) and it’s very breathable.

5) INKnBURN gear ($40 - $100)
I have been wearing INKnBURN for several years now and I just love it. INKnBURN is art on apparel and is made so you’ll stand out in the crowd. I love that INKnBURN is a small company located in Southern California, owned by Rob and Megan Tsuyuki. The art is applied by hand to each panel of the performance fabric before sewing. For one shirt, that’s 6 pieces of fabric! Afterward, a process of heat and pressure allows the art to stain the fibers of the fabric. The art will not fade, crack nor peel and will stay silky cool. You never look like you’re sweating, even on the hottest days! Limited quantities of each design are made so get it while you can. You’ll look good and feel good in INKnBURN!

6) Balega Hidden Comfort Socks ($12)
Balega makes the best socks and I love the Hidden Comfort design. I’ve worn these socks for years. They have a low profile so your sock tan won’t be too bad!  It has enough cushion at the sole for extra protection and the heel tab helps prevent the sock from slipping into your shoe. It fits well and is very comfortable. It comes in many colors and can be found at any running store or online.

7) OOFOS OOriginal ($44.95)

You work hard on the road or trails, and you need to recover well, too. As soon as I’m done with a run, the first thing I want to do is change into something more comfortable. OOFOS recovery footwear is perfect for after a long run or a long day on your feet. The OOriginal is the most popular shoe although they also have a sport sandal and clog, for women and men. These recovery shoes are designed to absorb impact, cradle your arches and help your feet move naturally.

8) Orange Mud Super Soft Everyday Shirt ($26.95)
Yep, another Orange Mud product but I really love their stuff! After a run, I always want to change into a nice, comfy t-shirt. My go-to shirt is the Orange Mud Super Soft Everyday Shirt. These shirts really are soft. They’re made of a pre-shrunk cotton, polyester and rayon tri-blend fabric. The sizes are unisex and great for guys and gals. Orange Mud is another small company I love, based out of Corona, CA. The owner, Josh, is an athlete and understands what athletes need. From tees to hydration packs to bags, Orange Mud will keep you fueled, organized and looking great!

My 10% discount code: TAMPEEPS

9) Pro Compression Socks ($50)
Continuing on the recovery track, every runner needs compression socks. Pro Compression Marathon Socks help you feel faster and recovery faster. I have many friends who wear these socks during a run. I wear mine after a run. Either way is great! These socks squeeze away fluids from your extremities toward your core and help promote healthy circulation while reducing inflammation and swelling. You can wear them when you’ll be on your feet all day or for traveling, too.

10) Momentum Jewelry ($10 - $28)
Every runner needs inspiration from time to time and Momentum Jewelry is the small reminder you need to keep you going. Momentum Jewelry owner, Amy, wanted to make fitness jewelry that you can wear while you work out. I wear the Motivate Wraps when I run or go to the gym. I wore “Believe, Endure, Achieve” when I ran my first 50k and it was the mantra that kept me going during tough moments. The Foot Notes are for your shoes. They always make me smile when I look down at my shoes, taking me one step closer to the finish line. There are suede and leather wraps and necklaces, too. You can personalize any of the pieces.

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I hope this guide will help you find the perfect item for the runner in your life (or for you!) Happy shopping and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Your path, your pace,


So much love - I will totally vouch for a ton of these companies, too, and love Tam's picks! Make sure you grab some for your favorite runner for the holidays!

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Thank you, Tam!

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