Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap Roundup #23

June 5 - June 11 

I'm so grateful for the #RWrunstreak. At the same time, I hate that I'm so stubborn that I won't quit even though the last few days, even running one mile has been hard. But whatever, we're on Day 15 now and that's just shy of halfway through, so why quit now? I'm in fourth place amongst our challengers, but hopefully I can jump back up with some decent runs (and #RnRSEA on Saturday!).

Sunday | Rock 'n Roll San Diego 
I ran a half mile to the start line. And then ran a terrible race day, but had a fun day overall. You can read that here. Or, if you don't want to, know that I crushed my personal worst time and ran (errr... walked) to a 2:58 finish. So there's that. But lots of fun with these two, who truly made it an experience about fun versus finish times.

Here's to hoping that Seattle is WAY better - but just as much fun!

14.2 miles (yeahhh Garmin ran really long!), 2:58:46 for the race

I honestly remember nothing about this run. Treadmill mile, probably, after work just to get out and say I did it. Fun?

1.11 miles 

Morning miles with Molly to start a Tuesday. I had to get this one in in the morning because that evening, after work, I headed down to my parents' city council meeting because they won the city's home beautification award for June! They're out in Ireland, so my aunt, uncle and I accepted it on their behalf. So silly, but so fun!

1.3 miles 

Trail days are back! My girls (the BABs) and I are doing the Griffith Park Trail Relay Marathon+ in July, so it's time to get on the trail and get to work. This particular day was ridiculously hot, and Jacky and brought the pups, so we took it easy on the way up and then bolted back down. Success - Molly was passed out in the front seat before we were even a block away!

5.10 miles 


1.11 miles

Friday | 1.25 miles 
More Molly miles! Seriously, this girl is going to get back in shape with me. She likes it, I promise!

Saturday | 1 mile 
Saturday was another 12 hour day at work with another round of new student orientation. With that, I know I need to save every little bit I've got for being on my feet for 6+ miles and 13 hours. 1 mile, one and done. Saturday after work I finally to get out with my girls too - we haven't all seen each other together in SO FREAKING LOT and we had a LOT to celebrate! Engagement, babies, BQs and PRs and so much to catch up on! It was a fabulous girls' night out - love them all so much and love what they've added to my life!

Still working on this apparently comeback. I mean, I am running another half marathon on Saturday morning. Doesn't mean I'm in shape, but I can do it! I've got work to do, as I'm starting Long Beach training next week! (Crap.)

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