Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap Roundup #24

June 12 - June 18

I'm so grateful for the #RWrunstreak. At the same time, I hate that I'm so stubborn that I won't quit even though the last few days, even running one mile has been hard. But whatever, we're on Day 15 now and that's just shy of halfway through, so why quit now? I'm in fourth place amongst our challengers, but hopefully I can jump back up with some decent runs (and #RnRSEA on Saturday!).

I don't even remember what Sunday was. Wait! I think it was finally getting to sleep in, enjoy the morning in bed, and do a lot of nothing. Doug and I went down to my parents' house to take care of the yards (they've been in Ireland for two and a half weeks), then stopped by his family's house to see our niece, and other random errands. This mile literally was me hopping out of the car at the red light at the freeway offramp and running home. Literally one mile from the freeway to our front door - win!

1.01 miles, 9:45 pace

After work, I headed out to get groceries because you know, it's halfway through the month and I hadn't yet. Got home, unpacked, started making the lasagna for dinner, went to the gym, ran enough to feel statisfied (because finally more than just one mile!) and got home to put the lasagna together and get it in the oven so it'd be ready when Doug was home. Success.

1.63 miles 

Quick miles after work. Nothing to write home about. :)

1.25 miles

Because I went to bed semi-early on Tuesday and despite waking up at midnight for an hour, I popped out of bed at 5:30 am with my alarm and figured I'd get started on my day. I had already scheduled a continuation of trail Wednesdays with Jacky, but why not get some more in?

After work, I bolted home, changed, and bolted out to Claremont to meet Jacky for our trail run before yoga. Maybe I do too much on Wednesdays... at any rate, Jacky and I trekked through our favorite 5 mile loop, got it done in just under an hour, and then we both bolted over to Fleet Feet for yoga. THAT hurt. Whew! I could tell I hadn't really practiced in three weeks. Yowch. Looking forward to a session this week and hopefully a little at-home practice time. Aaaaaah.

3.26 miles, treadmill
5.00 miles, trail at Claremont Loop

Thursday ws crazy. I needed to sleep past my alarm, so I allowed myself to. Got up, packed for Seattle (because there's nothing like waiting until the last minute!), worked, bolted home, grabbed the pup and headed down to Orange County to pick up my dad from the airport! Woo! Molly was real excited to have him home. :) After I got back home with him, I ran a quick sprint-like mile around the block before calling it a day. Success.

1 mile 

My flight to Seattle was at 9 am out of Long Beach (an hour away, at least, on any given Friday morning that early) so I intended to be up at the crack of dawn... but we all know how that works out. So, instead, after a full day of travel and traipsing around Seattle, Libby and I actually made it to our hotel's treadmills before dinner and bolted out one, quick mile before making our way here:

We played at the Space Needle and the Chihuly Gardens & Glass exhibits before calling it a night - with nearly 9 miles on the day, it was time to call it done!

Yesterday I got to run the super fabulous, super fun Rock 'n Roll Seattle. Washington is officially half marathon state #10 done on my list. I had an awesome 36 hours up in the PNW - race recap coming Monday, pending that I can get unpacked, get laundry done and still breathe some today! Coming home from a race-cation (no matter how short!) is exhausting!

I can't recommend RnR Seattle enough, but more on that this week! I had a great day and a half playing in the city, running a gorgeous course and even enjoying a little rain! Aaaaah. What a relief.

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. How fun that you got to do RnR Seattle! I was in Seattle last fall with my sister and we really enjoyed the city! I was hoping to run RnR Chicago in July but unless my foot suddenly decides to stop hurting, it looks like that may be a no go.

  2. I'm super jealous of your hike on Weds I'm itching to get out but haven't been able to yet. Loving your medal, glad you had fun!

  3. I so wanted to run RNR Seattle but just couldn't get my schedule together. Looking forward to the recap! Great job getting in those daily runs!

  4. Great job and congrats on RnR Seattle! I was there too and loved the course this year!

  5. I've done a few RnR races and I agree they are fabulous! Glad you enjoyed Seattle. I look forward to hearing more about it.

  6. Congratulations to you on RnRSeattle!!! I too am participating in the RWRunstreak an I am loving it! I may not be doing a lot of miles but I am getting in some every day and it feels great! Thanks for linking up with us! Have an awesome week! :)

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