Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventures in Midnight Trips to the Puppy ER

So, a few fun facts: the University of Georgia has a GREAT veterinary medicine program, both for undergrads and DVM graduate programs. With that comes a teaching hospital on campus and a really great community clinic. These are all undergrads and DVM students that are practicing, while being supervised by licensed vets. So one, they get the practice; two, it's cheaper than a regular vet! (Three, they don't do EVERYthing there, but close to it!)

Long story short, Molly looked all mopey and sad when I got home from work on Mond
ay night; I thought, "Okay doggie depression is setting in now that we're getting settled" and I didn't really think too much of it, but took her to the park thinking she'd get to run around and feel better. We were there for an hour, I got ice cream and a movie on the way home so I could chill and feel better and thought it'd be a great night in. Not long after we got home, though, she vomited a little bit of red stuffs and a leaf -- so I thought she got into something at the park. I freaked momentarily then decided I'd watch her the rest of the evening before bed and if she kept getting sick, we'd go to the hospital. Well not much sooner that I was getting ready for bed and she got sick again -- only it was almost entirely blood (sorry for the grotesque details). So I freaked, ran down to the car, and hauled butt to campus. (Side note: a thank you to the DVM students I've befriended who told me to put in the phone numbers to the two 24-hour clinics in town, teaching hospital included!)

After two hours at the vet hospital and a follow-up appointment on Tuesday where she stayed at the vet all day (they volunteered to keep her since I work all day and didn't want to come home to any 'surprises'), Molly is now on 4 different medications and a prescription food diet for a few days. One medication creates an extra lining in her stomach to help with digestion and her getting sick problem, one is an antibiotic, one is a live culture that gets sprinkled on top of her food and one is a deworming syringe just in case. The antibiotic-ish pill might be a life-r for her if it helps. :( Poor kid. The deworming medication is 11.3 mL so she's NOT happy -- I have to give it to her a milliliter at a time and after about 6, she locks her jaw and won't let me open her mouth.

It's Thursday though, most of her prescriptions wrap up tomorrow and she's already doing better.

Puppy pharmacy on my kitchen counter.

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