Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Today is my last day of work for 2011 - tomorrow, I am off to the land of sunshine (not really, lately), palm trees, and most importantly... all my loved ones! I am so excited to be home for Christmas. Normally, I'm antsy/anxious, but I will say this year, I'm truly excited. I think that partially comes along with a tougher-than-expected adjustment to the new state, job, and way of living!

With that... I leave you with this. This is my first project when I get back in January. Super excited!
 She's gonna be super pretty - I'm thinking white legs and a new, sharp black fabric. It'll go perfectly in my all black-and-white bedroom, at the foot of my bed! Better yet, she was only $10 from CraigsList (it had been posted for almost two months at $15 and I finally emailed the woman and asked if she'd take just $10 for it just to get rid of it. Win!). I may actually need to finally invest in a staple gun for this one, there's some tricky parts to her.

And since I don't have a tree of my own this year to show off...
University of Georgia Tate Student Center Christmas tree!

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