Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#reverbbroads11: Doing My Education Over

I'm participating in #ReverbBroads11, a month of blog prompts promised to be silly and reflective. I'm actually doing today's post on time. December 21 prompt:  If you returned (or went, if you've never been) to college to study anything you want, what would you major in, and why? (via Matt

Obviously not from my years!
This is a super easy post for me because I've pondered this over and over since I graduated. Haha. Well, the story... I was a journalism major in college. I was involved in my high school newspaper, QUEST, Editor in Chief my senior year, yadda yadda. My journalism teacher and I had a deal, you  know, unofficially: I get my journalism degree, get my master's in English, teaching credential, then he'll retire and I'll get his spot. Naturally. And, well, I liked writing, I had fun, so that's what I did. And truth, I liked my major until about halfway through when I realized I wasn't sure it was what I could do for a living. I liked writing on my own time, at my own pace, and making it work for me, not the deadline. Yep. It's okay, though, because that's when I learned of student affairs as a professional so I had a real back up plan anyway. So I continued with my degree plan and finished it on track in three years. Yeah. I was crazy.

My minor was Spanish - I had taken Spanish all four years of high school, finished in AP IV, it just came easy from day one. So easy, in fact, I earned myself the nickname of Mexican Megan by my teacher and peers. So, again, I followed suit with what made sense for me, minor it! Had I stayed at NAU one more semester, and taken probably three classes, I could have finished with the double major. I'm glad I didn't (I was SO done with school at that point), but I wish I had at the same time.

Now that you know that history, if I went back to school, I'd do the follow (I'm partially cheating because these are also on my life bucket list):
  • Finish my Spanish degree - obviously.
  • Bachelor's in Social Psychology - after my three years in Res Life and now mixed with my student affairs background, I'm fascinated by the connections our students make to each other and how those interactions influence (oftentimes) their day-to-day behavior. I am truly just fascinated. So one day I actually very much want to go back to school and do a psych program just for curiosity's sake.
And there you have it! 



  1. You're so decisive! Social psych would be SO interesting w/ the higher education stuff. Being in elementary schools (and mostly dealing w/ strange parenting choices) makes me want to study that as well.

  2. Haha. Can you tell I've thought about it for a few years? :) Because, well... I have. :D And yeah, hoping to get in a few classes while I'm here! :)