Saturday, December 31, 2011

#reverbroads11: A Week-Long Catch Up

I'm participating in #ReverbBroads11, a month of blog prompts promised to be silly and reflective. Given the craziness of the holidays, I have happily been away from my computer for the week... but am paying for it now. So, here's the shortest versions possible of all this week's posts. Enjoy!

December 25 - Silent Sunday - Just post a picture that represents your day.
Christmas dinner on the back patio - only in 70-degree Southern California! Merry Christmas!
December 26 - Write about the things you collect, include photos, tell why these items are cherished by you. (via Catie)
I've gone through some crazy wave of random collections. As a kid, I collected rocks (not just backyard rocks, but like gemstones you can buy at campground gift stores and such), keychains (I was once that girl who walked around sounding like a wind chime because I had all 47 of them on my backpack), and gosh knows what else. I think my favorite collection(s) are: Christmas ornaments and magnets. They both represent all the places I've been and visited (and in some magnet cases, places others have been). My family has collected Christmas ornaments from our vacations for as long as I can remember, and when I started doing a lot of my own traveling in grad school primarily, I kept up the tradition for myself. My Boston ornament is a wreath with lobsters in it, my Hawaii ornament is Santa surfing and posted next to a palm tree. I love being able to look at them each year, when I put them up, and remembering all the amazing places I've been lucky enough to go! Magnets are the same, they're just a daily reminder, which is sometimes just as great!

December 27 - What does your office/home/bedroom tell others about you? (via Kristen)
My office is still only about halfway put together, but I think for what it is (currently) and what it will be, it says a lot. My office is a daily reminder of where I've been and what I've done - and helps me remember that each day. I think it says about me that I try and remember that, to know that I've been lucky enough to love what I do, and have had the opportunities that have crossed my path! I'm a lucky one! This is right above my desk in my office, and yet to be hung are my diplomas and some other miscelleneous wall art. I'm reflective, love knowing others personally, and that's why I love having pieces about me all over my office walls. It's important.
And thanks to my uncle, I can finally add my NAU penant! Yay!
December 28 - Do you consider yourself a romantic person? Do you prefer fancy dinners, roses and chocolate romantic, or are you more non-traditional? (via Kassie)
I think I consider myself a romantic person, and while I love the sweep-me-off-my-feet stories, I like things to be personalized to me. While roses are pretty, they're not always my favorite. I can be won over with ice cream over a box of chocolates. So romantic in the sense of knowing me and my taste and not just going for the stereotypical.

December 29 - What was the soundtrack of your year? Of your life? Which songs most strongly represent the various eras of your life? What songs were playing for the most crucial, formative moments of your life? Or, if the chronological approach doesn't work for you, which songs best capture the different facets of your life? (Childhood, Love Life, Adulthood, Loss, Growth, Career, Happiness, Sadness, etc.)  Please elaborate. (via Bethany/Katie)
This is SO hard. I can't even being to think about songs that represent my life. However, for the year, it was a lot of up and down, and while the end of my year featured a hard dash back into running and making that my life again, I think all the songs on my running playlist are there for a reason - peppy, upbeat, (with few exceptions) and keep me going. Favorites? Neon Trees (1983 & Your Surrender), Young the Giant (My Body - new fave!), Rihanna (We Found Love) and some random others. I love anything that keeps me on my toes, up and moving.

December 30 - If you could go on a trip regardless of cost, where would you go and what would you see? (via Dana)
Easy. Everywhere. No, really, like a round-the-world cruise. South Africa, New Zealand, Egypt, India, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Brazil, Chile. Take me everywhere, please!

December 31 - What is your "one word"? One word for this year, one word for next year. (via Amy )
I know I set a word for 2011, but I couldn't even tell you what it was. Something related to job-searching, surely, but... clearly it didn't hold that much value to me this year. For 2012, however, I've narrowed my word to focus. I wanted a word that I could apply to personal and professional life, that would allow me to keep moving forward, growing, and taking in all that I could. Focus. With running, it's focusing on my goals (half-marathon January 29 and hopeful for others!) but focusing to be sure I don't hurt myself again (two knee surgeries is enough, thank you) and to listen to my body when it tells me to mellow out. With my personal life (or current lack there of in Athens), it's finding things I like doing and making a place for myself in a new community. Professionally, it's remembering why I do what I do and making sure I am doing what I can to make the best for myself in this position. It's been a rough transition and I know I just need to allow myself to settle in a little more and make the best of it. If I focus, I know I can do just that. Bring it on, 2012!

And there you have it. Many thanks to all those that contributed to Reverb Broads, it's been fun!

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