Monday, December 26, 2011

Training: 5 Weeks Away!

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I figured I'd spend the day off the computer. :) So you get it now... enjoy. As of yesterday (Christmas Day), we are 5 weeks away from the big day!

Sunday: 3 miles
3.23 miles = 24:35 minutes / 7:51 minute miles
After a day of laundry, errands, and cleaning, the last thing I wanted to do was run, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside and I knew I couldn't pass it up. Well, apparently a gorgeous day and running in just leggings and a short sleeve shirt does a body good! I cut another 55 seconds off my PR, the one that I had just run like five days ago! Awesome.
Monday: Rest
That's just what I did.

Tuesday: 5 miles
4.85 miles = 41:56 minutes / 8:38 minute miles
I cut it short this morning; this run wasn't hard, but I need to find a good 5-mile route for all these 5-milers coming up the next few weeks. This was a good run, though; it wasn't as cold as it's been, so I got some great outdoor time. After this run, and looking at my mileage and timing, I realized that I slowly but surely am getting into shape! It's feeling good to see all these sub-9 miles, even if they are only on 4 mile runs.
Wednesday: 5 miles
5.02 miles = 46:06 minutes / 9:10 minute miles
I knew since I didn't make it to 5 on Tuesday, I knew I needed to push it and make it happen today! I was feeling a little sluggish, stressing over everything I had to get done before I flew home on Friday. I've also learned that the days I don't run, I don't sleep well -- however, Tuesday night seemed to be different and I slept terribly, so I think that contributed to some of the sluggishness on Wednesday. But made it work and kniocked out the 5.
Thursday: Cross-Train
My cross-training was running all over town and finishing my errands before I got on that plane Friday morning! I sprinted store to store in what added up to be 6-minute miles... just kidding. But I did do lots of running around!
Friday: Rest
Travel day! I was so excited to be going home, but this day was quite busy before I even headed to the airport! By 7:45 am, Molly was already at her kennel (I hate dropping her off; I know she's fine, I know she'll be fine, but I hate it); at 8:10 am, was dropping off the car at the body shop so she could get fixed while I was gone, and they took me to the hotel where the airport shuttle was picking me up. 9:15 am, was on the road to the airport. So, mind you, I figured it was December 23, Friday before Christmas, and well Atlanta is very wishy-washy in its busy-ness levels. So I got to the airport almost 3 hours before my flight, only to get through security in 10 minutes. Boo. So I got to chill for a while, which was actually kind of nice. My side of the terminal wasn't busy at all, so it was a mellow few hours, thankfully, before a long flight.
Somehwere over West Texas... or New Mexico. Take your pick!
Got home, into the madness of LAX, where my sister picked me up! I had all plans to get In N Out on the way home (personal tradition) but I was so hungry and tired, I just wanted to get home!
Los Angeles!
So I did, and was promptly greeted by the whole fam and my favorite Hungarian comfort food. Glorious. And then, my favorite silly tradition: the Chino Hills Boat Parade! Mind you, we're about 40 miles inland, so yes... boats are paraded down the street, towed by their trucks, decked out in lights... and it's awesome. It's only a few years old, but has become one of my favorite silly things to do.
Chino Hills Boat Parade!
Saturday: 6 miles
6.03 miles = 53:54 minutes / 8:56 minute  miles
I knew if I could handle last week's 8-mile run pretty easily, I should be able to handle these 6 miles. I wish I would have timed it for a full 10K, just to see where I'm at! But this run was fabulous - it was so great to able to run in 40 degrees instea of 30 (it makes a big difference!). I snaked down from my  parents house, down to my old high school, all the way around it, up through some neighborhoods, back into my parents' track, figure-eight through the blocks to finish off the 6. It was a great morning run and a great way to start off my Christmas weekend. Next week is 7-miles, which I may push up a bit since I did 8 miles last weekend, I might be able to push it a little bit.

Christmas Eve run.

Merry Christmas from Southern California!
'Twas glorious. Oh, and I got my In N Out on Christmas Eve. Perfect. Hope you all had a great holiday, later this week I'll do my Christmas-shenanigans post! Hope your weekend and days were filled with love, laughter, and those you love.

Total Week Mileage: 19.2 miles! Score!

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