Friday, December 9, 2011

Streaky Fun Ornaments

As anyone who is on Pinterest knows, these guys have been quiet the buzz lately, what with Christmas decor blowing up everyone's Facebook feeds lately. And I saw them... and gushed... and knew instantly they'd make fabulous Christmas presents (not revealing to who! That will stay a secret until Christmas). And thought I'd give them a go.

Here's my disclaimer: I went thinking these guys would be fairly easy. Drop some paint in a glass ornament, shake it around, voila, right? WRONG. Be prepared for a little experimentation in how you get your paint to streak and whirl around. However, the only plus side to this is that no matter what you do or how you do it, each and every single one of these turns out unique, streaky, and oh-so-pretty! That being said, here we go.

 For my first set, I'm making them rainbow -- as artsy as you can get, right? Right. I also got the ornaments 50% off at Hobby Lobby -- hooray for Christmas sales!

 Of course, take each top piece off. I'm always scared of breaking the glass rim, but these sets that I bought turn out to be fairly industrial. Perfect for klutzes like me!

And then just start dripping paint in - here's where I learned the hard way. I was just squeezing in paint, letting it shoot into wherever land inside of these glasses. Try sticking the nose of the bottle just inside the rim and gently squeeze. That way, the paint rolls off the edge of the rim and then starts sliding and streaking... and makes it easier on you! The more colors you do at once, the runnier they get, and therefore streak easier.

 I wish I could have gotten the outside to look like this!

 Isn't it FUN looking though?

 First one, done! I wasn't super happy with it, at first. Stay tuned.

 Attempt No. 2. Liking this one a little more.

 No. 2, done. Liking it more than No. 1, for sure. But again, stay tuned!

 After each one was done, I turned them upside down on wax paper to let the excess paint drip out. This actually definitely turned out in my favor, as the paint dripping back out of the ornament made it streak even MORE and made these first two look REALLY cool.

And as far as this blob of paint goes, don't you just wish you could buy paint like this? I think it looks SO neat!

 Molly helped. Kind of.

 No. 3. From the get go, I loved this one!

 Again, if only I could get such good swirlies to show up on the outside!

 Lookin' pretty neat, if I do say so myself.

 Done! This is how I set them when I went to bed....

 The final collection of swirly paint... so fun!

And with all the extra drippage I let them do (upside down to get excess paint out, and then right-side up again to dry!), this is how they turne dout the next morning! Neat, right?

Are you making these this Christmas? Let me see what you come up with. I have one more set to make, but I want to see your craftiness, too!

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