Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Recap

January itself was not an exciting month, really - it's when my training kicked into high gear, I took my longest runs in stride (and achieved more than I thought I would!), and got back in the groove of work after a great week at home for the holidays. So, without much else to say about a fairly lackluster month.... the recap!

  • Total run mileage: 78.16 miles (highest ever!)
  • Highest weekly run mileage: 24.51 miles
  •  # runs: 14
  •  # rest days: 14
  • Favorite run: I feel like I'm cheating because my favorite run and hardest run are the same - the half marathon this past weekend! Favorite run because it will totally stick out in my mind as the moment that I said, "Ok, I can do this!" And that's probably one of the greatest feelings ever; I'd like to live that forever. Yes please. Race report is linked below. :)
  • Hardest run: See above! It definitely tested my mental abilities - I didn't ever really think "I can't do this," but it definitely pushed me and made me work for it. 
  •  Current reads: Born to Run – started this a few weeks ago, and jumped right in. Have slacked lately, but what a read! I recommend checking it out!
  • Current obsession: Essie Shine of the Times polish! I bought this at home after Christmas, and somehow in my venture back to Georgia, it disappeared and I was rather devastated. I wanted to replace it all last month, but I just got it again (thank you pay day!). It’s beautiful – I’m currently wearing it over a dark, chocolate brown as the base and used the glitter as a purposefully-messy French mani. LOVE.
  • Current drink: Water. Always water – I’ve slacked this week with my water consumption, but trying to get back in the strong habit of my 3+ liters a day! Workin’ on it!
  • Current song: Still my inspiration song, "My Body" by Young the Giant. Beat and music is perfect, but the words are even perfect. Check out the song and lyrics if you haven't already.
  • Current need: A little extra sleep here and there would always be nice!
  • Current triumph: Finishing my first half marathon this past Sunday! A great way to start the year and a great way to end January, just enough to encourage me for the rest of the year! Check out my race report if you haven't already.
  • Current goal: I get to register for my next half, and will probably do that tomorrow – I’m looking at the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon on April 22. It’s only about an hour from me (aka. perfect) and I’m excited about the opportunity to do an all-women’s race.
  • Current indulgence: I had ice cream for the first time in what felt like forever tonight - actually, it was ice cream for dinner. Moose Tracks. A fabulous choice and I'm super duper happy with it!
  • Current excitement: Signing up for half #2, February's excitement (conference my students are hosting, a 10K here in Athens, bestie's bachelorette party in Phoenix!).
  • Upcoming races: the Taste of Athens 10K on February 18, and kicking off aforementioned bachelorette weekend with a 5K in Arizona (new run state #1 for the year!). Stoked for both! And looking forward to registering for more! Yep, I'm hooked.
February is bound to be busy, but great. In just a week and a half, the conference that my students put on will be here - I can hardly believe it. I feel like we were just starting the planning for it last week. I'm excited to see their work come to life, and to welcome 200+ students and advisors from all around Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina to UGA for the day. Yay! The weekend after is the Taste 10K, and I'm considering checking out the actual Taste of Athens event that Sunday. And the weekend after, the last weekend, is the Phoenix bachelorette party! Happy times ahead!

Happy February - can you believe it's here?!


  1. excellent job at your first half marathon!!! welcome to the addiction... decided when your first marathon is yet? haha.
    im def. in love with my essie polish (even though i dont polish my nails nearly enough to care), but its awesome. i only have "chinchilly"... ill have to check out some other colors. :)

    1. thanks Danielle! i'm pretty excited about it... no marathons for now. Focusing on a few halfs and we'll see where I go from there!

      I love Essie stuff, I just hate that it's like $8 a bottle! :(