Saturday, January 14, 2012

Training: TWO Weeks to Go!

Sunday: 4 miles
4.97 miles = 49:49 minutes = 10:01"
It was supposed to rain all last weekend and while it drizzled on and off, no real rain came. So I figured before the sun set on Sunday (I hate winter for the sole fact that it's dark at 5:30!), Molly and I would go run the 2 miles to the dog park, let her play for a little while, and run the rest of the 2 miles home. So we set out, at a decent pace, and made on our way. And then it started to sprinkle - and, right about the time we reached the dog park, all hell broke loose and the skies just exploded on the two of us. I will note, that as much as Molly likes water, she hates rain. HATES rain, always has! So I felt particularly bad for her when I forced her to keep going and the rain just kept coming. We were at about mile 4 (almost home!), when the rain slowed up and so did we... thankfully, it only drizzled until we reached our front door. We were utterly soaked - Molly drenched, my shoes were walking mops. Fun times, and an interesting way to start the week!

Monday: Rest
After Sunday evening's adventure, I did happily! Monday was the start of classes for our students, so that also brought some life back into our office finally. Happy day! Now, part of my financial wellness plan for 2012 is to be smart and conscious about my gas usage, so like I did when I first moved here, I'm making more of an effort to take the bus to campus a few times a week (goal is 3); the only downside is that the ride home takes nearly 45 minutes, so by the time I'm home, I'm just utterly exhausted. Oh well, sacrifices!

Tuesday: 5 miles
5.05 miles = 46.25 minutes = 9:11" pace
I'm still struggling with getting back up in the mornings to get these runs in and it's getting a little frustrating, especially with the great progress I was on! Oh well, I figure that as long as I'm still making my runs, that counts for something, right? Right. So this run was after work, on an actually beautiful evening (it's been on-and-off storming all week, so it was a pleasant change). Nothing special about this run, happy with my pace even though I felt like I was dragging along.

Wednesday: 5 miles
2.41 miles = 19:32 minutes = 8:06" pace
I finally got my butt up this morning to run - it was in the forecast to be storming all day (from the middle of the night and forward) and it wasn't raining when I woke up, but darker than dark! I figured I'd try and take advantage of an apparent lack of weather (it was cloudy) and try and get my miles in. I hit 2 miles, almost to my turnaround point, and it started to rain. Not heavy, but thruthfully enough to scare me off, once I looked up and saw dark clouds rolling in. So I high-tailed it home and truly, not more than a minute after I closed the front door behind me, it just started pouring. So... happy day, I was home. And dry, unlike Sunday. Sad day that I didn't get the miles in, but such is life.

Wednesday was exciting because I got to order new shoes, many thanks to the boyfriend, who decided to offer them as an anniversary present of sorts. I'm so excited! I tried these on last week when I did my shoe fitting, and I loved them - they're crazy light and I'm really excited to get them this week and take them for a spin. Aren't they pretty?

Can't wait to get them in this week!

Thursday: Cross-train
Haha! Still not on the cross-training train. Working on it, and hoping to get my campus rec membership this week so I can start getting back into some weight training and maybe some group exercises classes. At this point in this training cycle though, cross-training is pretty much already non-existent, so why start now? In my grandiose plans of running the Publix Half on March 18 (and now I'd really like to run the Zooma Women's Half on April 22), so maybe at that point I'll be incorporating cross-training finally into my plans!

Friday: Rest
No problem - I'll take a rest any day! After a busy and productive week at work with the students back, I was very happy to take an evening to myself. I very happily carbed up for my Saturday morning run (lasagna, garlic bread and my weakness lately, Little Debbies... aaaaagh!) and laid on the couch for a night of TV with the pupster. Glorious! I fell asleep on the couch somewhere around 10 and woke up and got to bed around 11. I planned to get up around 9 and get out the door before 10 (it was so freaking cold!), with the hopes that it would be at least 32 degrees when I left. So anyway, got to bed a little late but gave myself a little permnission to sleep in before my run.

Happy Friday!
Saturday: 12 miles
12.08 miles = 1:48:37 minutes = 8:59" pace
I must admit that when I first got up this morning - mind you, my alarm was set for 9 am, and I was wide awake at 7:30 but laid there for another 90 minutes - the last thing I felt like going to do was running 12 miles. The LAST thing. Molly was trying to get me up to go outside, so at 9 I finally hauled myself up, tossed an English muffin into the toaster, and took the pup outside. Got dressed and psyched up for a 12-mile run in 30 degree weather - running tights, shorts, tshirt, jacket, gloves and ear muffs. Brrr!

Like last week, I took along that damned water bottle and another baggie of Jelly Belly sport beans. I jumped off to my start, and started jogging - here's my problem. I always think I'm jogging along so slowly and then do an 8:37 for my first mile. Go figure! This run wasn't as tough mentally as the ten miles were last week; this run only ended up being physically challenging around mile 10 when my knee started throbbing pretty good. But I powered on.

I was really proud that I actually ran striaght through to mile 6 - I haven't done that in a good long while so was excited when I made it that far... and realized I still had energy to keep running along. I had planned to use my Jelly Bellys at miles 4 and 8, to hopefully be able to get me through each third of the run. Seemed to work, as I felt thoroughly energized through Mile 8. Success! My splits, up until mile 4, were all under 9, and then averaged a 9:15"ish pace through mile 12. Pacing, I tell ya, it's over-rated! :)

I mean, really, all I can say about this run is that I DID IT. I really didn't have doubt, I just woke up not wanting to run, but oh my god! I did it! And actually ran 98% of the entire thing - in total, I'd say (truthfully) that I walked 0.6 miles of the entire damn thing. Amazing. I did it! My knees are a little sore, but a good stretch session after a long hot shower, and some ice treatments later today are in my future!

Eggs, bacon, English muffin, pears, orange juice! Amazing.
Came home, showered, made myself an amazingly delicious breakfast, and am still settled on the couch. So much for a productive Saturday. Oops.

Total week miles: 24.51
Best yet!

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