Sunday, January 22, 2012

Training: ONE WEEK!

This week was a little off - I hate this pattern that I've developed, one really great week and then an off week and then another great week... what a vicious cycle! After last Saturday's 12-miler (and despite not being able to walk comfortably the rest of the day), I was on a total high from being able to actually accomplish that long of a run!

Sunday: 5 miles
Yep, I was still hobbling a little bit on Sunday so I allowed myself a rest day, even though in comparison the 5 was "short." The day itself, however, was anything but restful. The student organiation I advise, the Leadership Resource Team, held their retreat all day long! It was awesome - got to do a few team builders with them, a few ice breakers, and had some good conversations with a lot of them. It definitely started to fill the void that I thought I had with these students - missed having close connections and though it took unfortunately til January to get there, I think it's on the way. Happy start to the semester! After the retreat, we took a break for a bit and then went bowling as a close to the day. Crappiest bowling games ever, but I learned that I can apparently bowl pretty decently left-handed (who knew?!). I'm also playing host to Flat Stanley for a little bit, so he hung out with us at the retreat and went bowling too! Fun times.
Playing Minefield... always one of my favorites!

Monday: Rest
Sadly... I took another day. We had Monday off from work, being the MLK holiday and all, and again I slept in, putzed around, and worked on a friend's bachelorette invitations (I am SO excited about them! But I can't show them off yet... she has to wait until they show up in the mail) nearly all day. Late in the day, I ran with a friend to a few places around town - Sears, to use the last of a gift card where I got a new tank top (debating on making it my race-day outfit) and fleece pull-over, perfect for running (especially with all this dang rain!).

We ended the day with a trip to Silver Lining, a local cupcake bakery around here - always a win!

Cupcakes! Orange Creme and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Mmm...
Tuesday: 4 miles
4.02 miles = 33:28 minutes = 8:20" pace
I managed to roll out of bed in the morning and get up before work to squeeze this run in - it was cold and on-and-off storming pretty much all week. This was a really nice morning, though, cool but not freezing, and I happliy breezed through this run! Check out that pace! I was pretty thrilled.

Tuesday I came home from work to two awesome pieces of mail! I just love mail - especially in the form of packages sitting on my front porch. First piece, my passport! I seriously have been working on getting this sucker done for a year (my photos were from January 2011) and finally got my act together and got the application process done - and my passport showed up in only 12 days! The family and I are headed on a cruise in June as a belated graduation present for my little sister (we did Hawaii when I graduated and we've talked about a cruise forever), I was just the slacker in getting my passport done. Mission accomplished.

The second piece of exciting mail was these:

Aren't they pretty? :)
Yay, new running shoes! I tried these on two weeks ago when I went to our local running store and gave 'em a spin. They're so light (only 6.7 ounces) - they're minimalists, which are designed to help me land more centered on my foot (I learned a lot about my steps, pronation or lack there of on my right side, and my gait) and will hopefully also ease the pressure on my right side because I over-compensate for the strain my left knee has endured the last few years with the surgeries. So, I'm pretty excited to check these out!

Wednesday: 4 miles
3.23 miles = 32:25 minutes = 10:01" pace
I rolled out of bed again early to take the new shoes for a ride - they're definitely going to be interesting to get used to, especially given that my Nikes are a tad heavier and have a lot less of an arch than these new Sauconys. The challenge also is that I need to order a new Nike+ chip, for one, and two, I need to order one of those chip holders than can go into my laces on the new ones - so, for this morning, I used the Nike+ GPS app instead of the regular Nike+ app like I usually do. Either the GPS is slower and doesn't follow my stride as well, or Nike+ lies to me - I prefer thinking the GPS is slower. This was my normal quick 5K route down the main road by my house, and I feel that I was definitely pushing at more than a 10-minute pace! Oh well... we'll see how we adjusted to each other. :)

Thursday: Cross-train
You know... why start cross-training now? I need to add to my Imagine the Impossibilities challenge and go get my butt to the campus rec center and get signed up for my membership already. Fail.

My next half marathon is planned for April 22, so after a few days of recuperating from next week's race (ONE WEEK! EEEEK!), I'm going to go. I mean it. I'm curious to see how not cross-training differs from actually incorporating cross-training into a training cycle, so I know I need to make this happen for real, and soon.

Friday: Rest
Yep, done. Nothing exciting else happened this week - although, I did get started on Read #1 of the goal to read 30 this year. Thanks to Jeff and Amma, I picked up two running-related books off Amazon for super cheap (only $3 for the hard-cover!); I took the bus twice this week and had my nose in Born to Run for both whole rides to campus and back, so I'm almost done.

It's a really interesting read and if you have the chance to grab it, I would. I can't wait to crack open the other book - it's currently just looking pretty on my nightstand. The other read recommendations on my list aren't running theme, but I thought these two would be an appropriate start, given that my race is coming up soon. It's good extra motivation! :)

Saturday: 6-7 miles
Rained Out!
Saturday, nearly all day, the skies opened and all hell broke loose. If it wasn't raining, it was pouring, and if it wasn't pouring, it looked like it would start again any second. So... I called it a day. The last thing I need to do is go run in the rain, and end up getting sick the week before the race. That would be my luck, right?

Instead, Molly and I went and met our new vet, since I hadn't actually established one here yet, and she needed her yearly check up and a few shots since I'm boarding her next weekend while I'm down at the race. Molly hates the vet, and this turned out to be no different, but she did quite well considered she had to be pricked like four times to get blood drawn, poor girl! What a trooper. We came home after that and lounged around most of the day.

I did get a lot done, however, with my January challenge - check out the photos below. This bench has been a real piece of work!

Before sewing.. yes, I did these suckers by hand...

One arm done!
There's a whole post to come soon, as I'm hoping I can get this baby done today! Wish me luck! Hopefully you'll see a whole post tomorrow about the final product because I'm finally getting excited about it again and hope she turns out as well as I think she will in my head!

Weekly mileage was terrible this week, but I need to really use this week to maintain my progress (hoping for at least three 4- or 5-milers) and then... RACE DAY!

Hope y'all have a great week! I know I will - I'm getting excited (and nervous!). Have a great week y'all!

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