Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Bachelorette Invitations

One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, Tina, is getting married in March - exciting! She doesn't have a maid of honor, but five us on her side who are all taking various roles of the typical MOH duties. So while Maria is in charge of the bachelorette party planning, she and I got so excited about some of the idea we saw on Pinterest for invitations (like this one), we decided to make a happy combination of two that we really loved. Maria invited me to help make the invitations, given my level of excitement thanks to Pinterest, and I happily jumped in. In the end, I put together the actual invitations, sent them to Maria in Phoenix who designed the insert, made the envelopes (yep, made!), and sent them to the bride's guest list.

Tina's colors are puple and silver, but we thought we'd add black into the mix for a little sexy glam vibe. These were super duper fun, and are super easy to make, so if you're looking for a little inspiration, check out the work below!

For 21 invitations, I spent just barely $10. Not a bad deal!
- 5 sheets 12"x12" purple scrapbook cardstock ($2.50)
- 24-sheet 12"x12" pack black cardstock ($4)
- Two 3-yd glitter lace rolls ($4)

Using the invite we found on Pinterest, I sketched a stencil that I could use as the corset bodice and came up with this:

 Using those awesome design-cut scissors, I added a little "lace" to the bottom for an extra little flare. And then I proceeded to trace and cut 21 of these - definitely the least fun about this crafting day!

Black sheets were cut in half, and then folded, for a 6"x6" invitation.

Before all the pieces come togeher.
 Before I glued the corsets to the invitations, I'd cut them in half then glue each piece individually to the two front flaps:

Lucky for me, I've had this awesome heart-shaped hole punch, perfect for making the eylets in the corset!
And then the lacing fun began. This was definitely the most tedious part, and I ended up with black glitter all over my kitchen counter (I think I'm still finding some), but I just loved how they turned out and was so excited!                                          

 All 21 of my little gems:

And then Maria finished the magic. She made envelopes (since the envelopes were just at 6"x6", we unfortunately couldn't order the same-sized envelopes we had found on Amazon... so then came Google and how to make envelopes. Weeee) that turned out fabulously, and she added a last little insert on the right inside flap with the bride's sizes, of course!

I loved Maria's inserts.
 And there you have it - just a little bit of labor but a whole lot of love from two bridesmaids. What do you think? Have you made your bachelorette invitations before? Show and tell time!

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