Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Monday

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dear monday, thanks for getting over with quickly.

dear weather, continue doing what you're doing! being able to run in a breeze at 7:20 pm was nothing short of glorious! love it. keep it up.

dear family, i can't wait to see you again on friday. while i wish it were under better circumstances, i'll still take a weekend in the comfort of hugs and laughter over not being able to be there at all.

dear eulogy that i'm supposed to be writing, i wish it were easier. i have lots of memories and certainly lots of thoughts, i just don't know how to get them all down in a coherent way... and one that will allow for minimum sobs while i'm at it.

dear half marathon in 12 days, while i'm not excited that you're almost here (yet), i am feeling after that 6-miler on saturday. bring on the next two weeks... bring it!

dear draw something, thanks for providing me endlesssss hours of new entertainment. i love you. thank you for also allowing me to perfect my doodles of furbies, rockets, airplanes, and the united states.

dear super fun silver french mani, please last all week. for one, you're fun, for two, at least til wednesday for our silver-and-blue awards program, and for three, i don't feel like doing my nails again before i head home.

dear everyone, have a great week! :]



  1. you cruise in 64 days?!?! omg that is getting close! where are you going?? and i am already sooo jealous :)

  2. YAY CRUISE! We're going to the Bahamas out of Charleston, SC. SO EXCITED. case that's not obvious. :)