Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Monday...

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dear monday, thanks for being the only reason i consistently blog lately. ten points for keeping me on track. and, despite your crappy start, i'm determined to make this a semi-decent day. ready? go.

dear old navy, thank you for letting me go a little shop-happy yesterday, as i desperately needed some retail therapy action, and for providing me this adorable pattern:
 dear apartment complex, you suck at life. my bug problem has become your problem and i now need you to do something about it -- suggesting another round of pest control is not an answer. and i refuse to accept that. this is how you decided to start my week, so you're going to deal with the consequences. i don't yell often, but if that's what it takes... be prepared.
dear jerk who made a bad decision, the orange rounders they use to close off the shoulder of the highway are not meant to be in the highway. your poor decision, which in turn caused me to lose the side mirror on the drivers side no less, continued to make my life difficult! 

dear friend's husband, thank you for teaching me how to replace said side mirror and where to order one online, so instead of spending $300 on a mirror and labor at a body shop in town, i spent $29.83 on a mirror and shipping. win.
dear o-phi-a sisters, welcome to alumnihood! the second best part of our sisterhood and the next best years of your life. i'm so fortunate to call you sisters, and friends of the heart! congratulations to each of you on your graduation or new life endeavors and always remember your home at alpha zeta chapter at kennesaw state.

dear #plankaday challenge, sorry i failed this weekend. guess i'll make up for it today -- with 3 planks in a row. yowch! let's see what i can do!

dear sadie sue, we miss you. i know i don't live at home anymore, but it's sure going to be weird going into the backyard and seeing only one dog, not two. i know you're in a better place, and this wasn't easy, but we love you. all dogs go to heaven, and i hope you plenty of leftovers there! 

dear mom, i love you! thank you for telling me like it is when i need to hear it, but for being a shoulder and an ear when i need you to be. i wish we were with you for mother's day, but know that we send soooooo much love from alllllll the way on the other side of the country. xoxo.

dear cruise, see you in 37 days and 5 hours and 25 minutes (as of 10:35 am EST) -- i'm so excited! bahamas here we come, sunshine here we come, paradise here we come, family vacay here we come!

dear friends, happy week! hope it's great!


  1. Yikes! Sounds like an ordeal with your mirror. Good work figuring out how o do it yourself! I'm also jealous of your upcoming cruise.

    I'm so sorry about your Sadie Sue! I hope this week brings you good news.

    1. Thanks for the comment Abbey! And yes, quite the ordeal with the mirror! Especially since I was driving 5 hours from home! Haha. I was pretty proud for doing it myself... quite the accomplishment.

      And thank you. Missing our Sadie dog too... <3