Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#RWRunStreak: Week 5

The last whole week is done - insane! I really feel like the last 5 weeks have flown by -- between work, races, vacation, it's hard to believe this 38 days is almost over, when I was so confident that it would drag on and never end! And here we are... almost done!

Week 5: check!

Monday, June 25: 1.52 mi/9:53 pace/15:01
Dreaded treadmill run. I don't know why I keep just trying to get a run "over with" by knocking it out on a treadmill. That's when I just get antsy, irritated, and unhappy with my runs and try to literally get them done and over with ASAP. Oh well, made it work!

Good news for the day was confirming my AJC Peachtree bib! SO EXCITED. This race is insane -- 70,000+ lottery entries for 60,000 spots. It's the country's largest 10K (at one time, the world's largest), so you can imagine I wasn't surprised when neither Heather nor I got a bib via the lottery. Bummed, but not surprised. Well, finally got a hold of someone who could no longer run, so for the race... hi, I'm Ashley. But I'm running!

Tuesday, June 26: 3.66 mi/10:42 pace/39:08
 Long days make for sluggish runs. My original goal was 4 miles for this run, and considering I went just as the heat was tapering off (7 pm or so), it was nice and hot and sticky... legs were quite heavy today, making for an even more challenging adventure. I would consider this run mostly a success, getting close enough to my 4-mile goal. Sluggish overall, but again past that 1-2 mile wall I've been stuck at lately.

Wednesday, June 27: 2.01 mi/9:43 pace/19:32
 Well speaking of that 2-mile wall! Truth be told, I don't remember a thing about this run. Apparently I was able to push out pretty good, with a semi-decent pace throughout even with the heat coming on this week. Legs were a little better than yesterday, so decently satisfied!

The good news about today?
My first issue(s) finally came!)

Thursday, June 28: 1.06 mi/10:46 pace/11:26
This was just a bad idea -- ran a little while after dinner. Didn't get crampy or anything, thankfully, but with the heat and gross-ness of the weather lately, definitely made for a sluggish, difficult run. It's okay, one more day, one more mile in the books and we're still on the way! 

Friday, June 29: 1.01/20:58 pace/21:11
Even worse than Wednesday's run -- so this became just a walk, even though it was only a jog to start with! Terrible. I was happy to just get this done! Rough, especially with the highs this weekend creeping up to 105. I don't plan on having to wake up at 5 am for this, so I 'm just going to walk and deal. I hope. Blah, Part I.

Saturday, June 30: 1.0/19:21 pace/19:21
Remember that walking idea? Yep, happened again. Blah, Part II. Nothing special. The end.

Sunday, July 1: 2.0 mi/ 4x400 TrackWorkout  
Here in marks my first speed/track workout... ever. I needed to run, it was way too hot outside, but I loathed the idea of doing several miles on a track. Not to mention the indoor track at my gym on campus is half-size (8 laps = mile), so that was torturous enough! While I was warming up on the stationary bike downstairs, I toyed around with the idea of doing some speedwork, just to see what it was like and what I'd be getting myself into with some upcoming training cycles. Truth? Not as bad as I expected (a good sign?). I did 4 x 400s (2 laps around this track) with 400 m rests inbetween, just since I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Truthfully, I think I can get away with 200 m rests next time; we'll just have to experiment and see how it goes! Happy camper overall!

Times: 2:01 / 2:02 / 1:59 / 2:12 (shoelace came undone)
I wasn't sure how many laps my phone would actually keep track of, so I did it in two segments. For both, Laps 1 and 3 are my 400 speedy laps. Not bad, eh?
And there ends the last whole week of this adventure. Who's celebrating the coming end with a fun run? Anyone else doing Peachtree?

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  1. YEAH I'm excited to have completed the streak too!!
    good luck in your celebratory race! :)