Monday, July 2, 2012

#RWRunStreak: Week 4

Week 4 was rough, as it was settling back into "real life" after an awesome vacay. Womp womp. But as always, when you're stubborn determined, you make it work. Right? Right. Since I'm behind, here's my belated Week 4 adventure... or lack there of.

Week 4, done and done!
Monday, June 18: 1.03 mi/24:43 pace/25:28
Well, cruise ended this morning. Let the tears commence. Nah, it was a great vacation but I was a little ready to get back on land! We killed a little time before taking sister back to the airport, after which we spent the day driving back home from Charleston; we took the adventurous route home all the way up to Columbia so I could stop by the University of South Carolina. We then dropped back down to August, drove by Augusta National (home of the Masters), saw the piddly little sign, and continued on home!

 My run for Monday was just one last walk with Dad and the dog around the apartment complex a bit. Wasn't feeling much up for a real run after being in the car all day long, then giving mom and dad a tour of campus and Athens, and a heavy (delicious!) dinner at Mellow Mushroom. A walk is better than nothing! Am I right?

Tuesday, June 19: 3.16 mi/9:49 pace/31:02
So glad to be off the 2-mile wall I was on while we were on the ship! Felt great to get past that mark in what I felt was a pretty easy run. I know I'm making some good process when I feel confident in saying a hovering-around-10"-pace is an "easy" run! I'll take it! Thank goodness for breaking the boat barrier... until the rest of the week...

Wednesday, June 20: 1.37 mi/9:35 pace/13:07
I wouldn't say I hit the wall, but definitely ran out of time in the day, so went on my recent favorite quick route to get the miles in -- to the far corner of my street and back. I like this stretch because it's 99% flat, so I can push myself pretty good without killing my lungs. The only thing that's killin' me lately is this humidity. Nasty... please go away.

Thursday, June 21: 1.0 mi/8:26 pace/8:26
With how good I felt from the previous two days, I wanted to push and see how hard I could push just one, solid mile. I'm so excited about this! Legitimately, the last time I was given a 1-mile test was something like sophomore year of high school; I've never really thought to push my own limits and see how I've done, but after these last few weeks, I thought it'd be worth it! Never did I think I'd hit under a 9-minute mile... at least no time in the near future, so this felt awesome.
For your viewing pleasure; my reads for the week.

Friday, June 22: 1.02 mi/15:49 pace/16:02
And then crashed the next day and the last thing I wanted to do was run -- but in all fairness, we stayed at the dog park later than I had recently, so it was darker than I wanted it to be to get out for a run. So Molly and I drove home and went straight for a walk. Needless to say, she was tired that evening!
Love my girl.
Saturday, June 23: 1.05 mi/23:16 pace/24:26
Much like Friday, I had no desire to run. My intent was to do so Saturday morning, but I woke up later and it was already hotter than all get out. So I planned on doing it that evening, after the dog park, as usual. Wrong. I had two sorority sisters from Auburn in town (they live in Atlanta) that had come up for AthFest, so I suddenly had plans! So I walked laps while Molly played at the park; no better thing than multitasking right? Better yet, I was eating my Sonic Blast (M&M, of course) while walking while Molly played around. Perfection!

So then I ended up going to AthFest for a while, which is a music festival weekend of sorts here in town. Bands, stages, and music venues everywhere! I hadn't really planned on going, but once I knew they were here, they dragged me out a bit.
AthFest 2012.

Sunday, June 24: 5.47 mi/10:56 pace/59:48 
This is the run I had hoped to do on Saturday! ... minus 3 miles. I got a little over-ambitious, I'll admit! I got up and out the door a little later than I had planned (7:45 am or so) and it was already 78 degrees when I barely left the house! I knew  I was in for an interesting time, but at the least, it'd help get me prepped for Peachtree! I was super sluggish going into this, just couldn't get my mind wrapped around doing a long run. This was the longest run (only one other 5-miler) since my half in April, and especially with this Run Streak challenge, it was more of a push than I'd needed lately. About halfway through, I found myself getting a little more into the mindset, but felt like I struggled the whole way through. Was pleasantly surprised to see that my pace was (just) under 11 minutes. It was nearly 90 by the time I got home, so justifies that sluggish feeling, but whew! Brutal!

From this long run, I've also decided I'm ready to get into a training plan again. I need that push to get in the mood and mind for a weekly long run. Need to see what's next and figure out what I want to get ready for first! So many exciting things coming up this fall: Ragnar, Wine and Dine, and starting my first full marathon training plan! 

Week 4 done. One and a half weeks to go, can you believe it?! How did your Week 4 go? Ready for those last few days? I sure am!

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