Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#RWRunStreak Week 3

I'm a little behind, to say the least. Forgive me! It's been a crazy week trying to settle back into "real life" after an amazing vacation (that post is coming soon, too!). But, here's my catch up on my #RWRunStreak adventures, brought to you by Week 3!

Week 3, not bad!

Monday, June 11: 2.21 mi/13:15 pace/29:18
I was already mentally ready for vacation, this was rough! Mom, Dad and I took Molly to the park and being that I wanted to get in my run and the day was almost over, Mom and I walk/jogged home through the neighborhood to get in some miles. Was definitely still really warm at 8:30 in the evening -- hmm... summer is upon us!

Tuesday, June 12: 2.02 mi/9:25 pace/19:03
I had no choice but to run first thing in the morning - today was the day we left for Charleston and our cruise! So I hauled out first thing in the morning and was pleasantly surprised with my quick 2 miles. Maybe I need to be a morning runner again!

And here begins my first major battle of the #RWRunStreak: Running/working out on vacay.

Wednesday, June 13: 2.11 mi/9:58 pace/21:02
Last run on land for a few days! On the treadmill - I hate treadmills - at the hotel, but made it count none the less. Was ready to get on vacay and leave the worries behind! But, all in all, got in a good run and core workout, followed by Embassy Suites' stupendous breakfast buffet. Perfect. 

Finally on the boat! First cruise, here I come!
Thursday, June 14: 2.0 mi/10:09 pace/20:18
Once you're used to running with a GPS (watch or phone or otherwise), it's really hard having to run without one! I used the stopwatch on my iPhone as my timer for the morning, which just felt awkward. It was also quite torturous being that it took ELEVEN - read that, 11 - LAPS to get a mile out of the ship's track. In addition to treadmills, I hate tracks. Running in circles is boring. Good thing there was scenery... the wide open ocean!
That's just cruel.

Friday, June 15: 2.01 mi/9:57 pace/20:00
I checked out the ship's gym Friday evening. After dinner, we went out on the ship's back deck and read as the sun set. What a view. *insert heavy sigh here* Afterwards, I made my way to the gym to get my workout done for the evening. Again, on the treadmill, because the idea of running up on the track... alone... at night... just weirded me out. Not that the gym, had anyone in it (maybe 2 other folks), but at least no one could throw me overboard from there! Good run, decent pace. As I set myself up for my run, my only goal was to run hard-ish for a solid 20 minutes, and hopefully get in at least 2 miles. Squeaked through, made it work!

Sunrise, June 17.
Saturday, June 16: 1.04 mi/9:52 pace/10:15
This was the hardest day to get up and run on vacation. Like Friday, I went after dinner/reading on the deck. I was SO over this run by the time I hit the half-mile marker, not to mention my mom and I wanted to go see a comedian that night, so I hauled butt to get my mile in and call it a day.

To make up for it, I did a quick 6 minutes on the rowing machine to feel like I did a little extra work that day... sort of.

Sunday, June 17: 3.04 mi/12:37 pace/38:22
Not a great pace, but my far my best run on the ship! Last full day on the boat - without an alarm, my body sprung wide awake at 6:30 am. Um, what? This is vacation, not real life! But being that I was wide awake, I figured I'd take advantage of it; thought I was up early enough for a sunrise. I got the middle of the sunrise - gorgeous, and a perfect wake up call!

I started my run on the track upstairs, only to learn how freaking windy it was outside. I decided I'd fight a mile in the wind, then go back down to the gym inside - that mile was rough, but managed to do it in just over 10 minutes. Considering I was running into the wind at that point, I was pretty excited. There were quite a few people outside with me, also trying to fight their way through it. Some gave up quicker than others. :)
Morning run on the deck!
Moved back inside to the treadmill... as mentioned, this is how I feel about treadmills in general...
But got myself to go 2 more miles on the treadmill for my longest run(s) while on a ship, and on vacation. Pretty proud that I made it happen every day of vacation, something I've never been able to stick to before! After this run, I hopped on the bike for a 5 mile cool down, just to get my legs really moving for the day. And by that point, I was out of the gym by 9 am, and in a bathing suit on the deck by 9:30 with breakfast, a book, and a day full of sunshine.

I did it! Week 3 in the books. Running on vacay challenge accepted and completed. My mom commented on my commitment to this challenge and making it happen, despite being on vacation and told me she was impressed with how much "determination" I had and that she was "proud of me for it." Not that I do it to make someone proud (aside from myself), but I like the word determination. Call it commitment, determination or stubbornness, I'm proud of my ability to make this work!

Week 4, coming on up! And a post about my cruise, I promise!


  1. Way to go! Working out every day while on a cruise. You are a hero. All I want to do on a cruise is eat and people watch!
    Can't wait to hear about it!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty impressed with myself too! Haha. :)

  2. Congrats on keeping the streak alive!!

    I LOVE running on vacation, it helps me relax. I am VERY impressed that you did it on a cruise ship!!

    1. Thank you! I normally run very on and off on vacation... I was really excited I made it this far! :)