Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#RWRunStreak Week 2

Week 2 in the books! This was about as up and down as the first week, but has definitely ended on a high note, which I'm pretty excited about!

Week 2 in review:

Week 2, in the books!
Monday, June 4: 1.07 mi/10:58 pace/11:46
The day really went by. As I didn't get up in the morning, and I got a head start on cleaning and getting ready for my parents' arrival, it was 8:30 pm before I knew it, so I hauled out for a quick run just to get it done. Not super quick, but got at least my mile in to make it count!

Tuesday, June 5: 1.38 mi/8:44 pace/12:05
This run was even better than the previous Sunday's run, knocked off 45 seconds from that! And this was my first sub-9 run... ever. Even if it was just for a mile, this tells me I am definitely getting stronger, more in shape, and am able to push past the things I thought I couldn't achieve. Stoked. This run got me pumped for the rest of the week for sure!

Wednesday, June 6: 1.77 mi/20:42 pace/36:51
National Running Day! I didn't run. I was leaving work, walking up stairs when my knee started feeling a little tight. So to listen, but make it count, Molly and I went for a long walk... for fro-yo! Delish. And earned. I've done a lot more than I have lately in the last two weeks, so I thought it was a good break but long enough to definitely make it count. Lesson learned today: listen to your body. It pays off. (See next day!)
Excellent decision on my part.
Thursday, June 7: 3.23 mi/8:26 pace/27:15
 I ran when I got home from work (as I have been lately since I can't get myself out of bed). Early evening, beautiful weather, and that definitely seemed to filter into my ability to make it a kick-ass run today! I wanted to get in a good solid 5K distance to get ready for my 5K on Saturday. I wasn't planning on totally charging ahead, but a mile in, I felt so fantastic, I figured I'd just go for it! And look at that amazing timing! For one, I've never run a sub-9 (prior to Tuesday's run), let alone for 3 miles. I was on such a high coming home this evening!

To boot, I got my Sparkly Soul headbands in the mail, so I wanted to take them out for a good sweaty run! I can't emphasize how much I love these -- prettier than normal headbands, they stay better than normal headbands, and they sparkle. What's not to love? I got them in pink and black and rocked the black one for the last half of the week. Recommendation? Go get yourself one. Now.
It doesn't count if you don't sweat!

Friday, June 8: 1.37/10:30 pace/14:21
Still feeling pretty ecstatic about Thursday's run but wanted to save it for Friday morning. Casual job out the door, to my favorite intersection and back. This is becoming my normal "I'm just going to get in a mile" route. Lovin' it though.

Saturday, June 9: 2.97 mi/9:27 pace/27:58 and 3.64 mi/10:36 pace/38:37 for 6.64 mi
Saturday morning was the Earth Fare 5K which you can read more about here! Per my run on Thursday, I knew I could kill this one -- until I learned that the first mile and change is nearly straight up hill. Killer. I made it! I did it! My MapMyRun app measured it a little short, but I think it got caught up in the trees and blanked out for a little bit. Regardless, new PR in the books! By a solid 2:49. And now I'm ready to shatter that one too.
First in my AG! First place win ever! Hooray!
Georgia Road Race #11 in the books!
I had intended on running a few miles after the 5K but had so many errands to do before Mom and Dad got in that I wanted to get life under way first. So I spent the day bathing Molly, bathing Jane (the car), groceries, laundry and cleaning! Fun times. I figured I'd test my legs in doing a double run to start gearing up for Ragnar training so went out for a second run -- a lot more casual, but a good test on my legs' current abilities!

Sunday, June 10: 1.41 mi/11:35 pace/16:22
I was planning to meeting Mom and Dad in Atlanta at 9:45, so I need to be out the door by 8. An early run was not my favorite (especially given that my runs this whole week were in the evening), but did a quick loop to make it count and get my miles in for the day!

Awesome Week 2. I learned just how much I can push myself. I learned that I need to keep listening to my knee, and when I do it, it'll definitely pay off in the long run (no pun intended). And that I am capable of awesome things if I stick with this!

Week 3 is a challenge: vacay (I'm heading out the door to Charleston here shortly; cruise, here we come!), so I've got to maintain this streak and run at least a mile on the boat every morning. Good thing they have a track. Let's see what I can make of it!

How are you doing on your #RWRunStreak? How was Week 2? Goals for Week 3?


  1. I wanted to do the running streak but decided not to with my busy schedule. Great job hanging with it!

  2. Great job on the running streak! That is just too awesome. Also, I nominated you for an award on my blog - http://lehmannlaughter.blogspot.com/2012/06/shutthefrontdoor.html