Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Monday...

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Dear Monday, despite a rocky start to my work out plan for the day, thanks for cooperating and giving me semi-cool weather to run in outside. You helped it turn out okay.

Dear Ramsey, when I pull up your website on my phone, all I look for are Facility Hours. So putting your announcements about how the whole place is closed on the bottom of your page doesn't help me much. Especially when it takes driving to the gym at 5:53 am to discover that you're closed. #grumble 

Dear grad staff, welcome back! It's going to be so great having some liveliness around here again. Summer got too quiet and I am excited and ready for another year! Let's rock it! 

Dear Olympics, thanks for some truly incredible athletic moments and memories this last week. Women's soccer never disappoints, gymnastics has me more roped in than ever before, and Team USA is damn right beautiful this year, all across the board. Most of all, thanks for keeping me up until midnight when I really should be well and passed out by then. 
One of my faves.
Dear busy fall, bring it on. Lots of personal travel this semester, but am so excited and looking forward to each and every single trip. Truly. Lots of miles, lots of plane tickets, lots of fun

Dear beloved puppy dog, I'm glad that while I was productive this weekend and didn't sit still a whole bunch, you did all the lazing around for the both of us. Rough life you've got... rough... life.

Have a great week everyone!

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