Sunday, August 5, 2012

Race Report: Twitter Road Race

Twitter Road Race
My original plan for Saturday's morning run was at least 5 miles. After last weekend's 7-mile self-butt kicking, I wanted to prove that I haven't totally lost it and haven't lost all the progress I made during the Summer Run Streak. So I figured doing at least 5 miles would be a great way to push myself just enough to prove that I can do it. Admittedly, I forgot I had signed up for the Summer TRR - it was so long ago! But I saw so many tweets on Friday night, that I realized I had something to live up to on Saturday!
Because I stay up way too late watching the Olympics (because who doesn't?), I decided to see how late I could push getting out of bed on Saurday so I could sleep more than 6 hours. Apparently, the high for Saturday was supposed to only be 89 (yes, only 89!) and it was supposed to be only 75 at 8 am. Bingo, 8 am here I come! After a 7:30 alarm, half an English muffin and a banana, I headed out the door. It was gray, cool, and glorious to run in -- I took off and busted out my first mile in just over 9 minutes, my quickest as of late. Somewhere around mile 1.5, the lightning started off in the distance. I'm not normally one to shy away from weather, but I gotta say lightning will definintely send me running home (pun intended). I stuck it out a little longer, while at 1.75 mi, the sprinkling started, and just about 2, it turned into an all-out downpour. I hauled home as quickly as  I could, just to get out of it... 2.51 miles, half the distance I'd hoped to get done that day!

Yup... it poured.

But not terrible.
After getting home, decided I would continue on with the plans of the day, at least, and get the house cleaned. I spent the better part of the entire day cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, unpacking from the last few trips -- yeah, I hate unpacking. What can I say? I decided later in the evening that I'd attempt my run again -- the sky had broken up, it appeared to be (mostly) sunny, and if I were going to finally make it into doing my TRR, now was my chance!

After the morning's semi0failed run, I decided I would go all out for this one -- after all, it was only 3 miles and I could surely make something count. And sure I did! I busted out that first mile in 8:14, my second-fastest mile ever. Once I got past that mark, I realized I could probably do some good work throughout. Well, yeah, I pushed it a little too hard that first mile because I alternated between running and a steady jog for the last 2.1! Oh well, ya live, ya learn. I also got to spend .3 miles running around a few buildings because a woman saw two dachsunds on the loose and we didn't know where they came from. Couldn't find the dogs, but had an entertaining side-run!

Overall, nothing special about this run, but made it work pretty well. The weather was great, not crazy hot, but definitely warmer than it had been this morning! Busting out that first mile worked out well for me, because with a total time of 27:47, that's my second-best (unofficial) best 5K time yet! Hard work counts, even if it kills the rest of your 5K!

 Glorious. After that, Molly and I headed to the dog park, where she decided to have a fun day of her own and found the deepest mudhole she could find... sad to say, this is after she ran and rubbed most if it off. She was a hot mess! Yay dogs!

Overall, 5.6 miles on the day, which is what my goal was. I just started running doubles early to prepare for Ragnar.. or something like that! But a great running day overall, and happy 2nd place to me!

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