Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wine & Dine Training

Wine and Dine training starts tomorrow, Sunday! I'm so excited to finally fall back into a schedule, cycle, something of some kind. After the summer run streak ended, I've fluctuated so much with my (in)consistency in keeping up with running and getting in the habit. After a last little fun run this morning in Nashville, tomorrow kicks off being back on a plan.

When I ran my first half marathon in January, the Callaway Gardens Half, I was so caught up on making sure I'd actually be able to run that much, that I didn't really incorporate any cross-training or speed-work into my plan - I just wanted to finish. And I did! (Remember? 8 seconds under my goal time?) When I ran ZOOMA Women's Half, it was just a royal training disaster (see that post for more info); when I got to the race I was really just concerned about finishing at one point.

So when I was working on this plan, I wanted to incorporate some new elements, things that I knew would help my running, my stability (especially for my knees' sake) and even have the possibility of bettering my time. I took parts of the Higdon Half Novice 2 plan, and tweaked it a little bit to fit not only the busy life schedule I have this fall, but also my late work days. What's different about this plan, you ask, than my previous two? Two major things:

1) Speed-work: I've actually made sure to leave in, and incorporate speed training into this. After reading about the importance of it, but also how much it really  can benefit you, I'm going to make a conscious effort to make this part of my efforts.
2) Cross-training: After half #1 (Callaway), and realizing that I had done no cross-training at all, I verbalized that I wanted to incorporate XT into my ZOOMA plan. Well, we all know that went to crap thanks to life, that obviously didn't happen. So this time, I'm serious. It's going to happen.

I want to take this training seriously, but at the same time, I've also said this is going to be a fun-sy race for me -- it's a Disney race after all and yes, I want photos with the characters! However, I am also going to be registering for the Athens Half here on October 21, so I can take that one for serious and do W&D for funs. See? I have a plan!

Have you ever created your own training plan based off a Higdon plan? What did you change? Or did you leave it as-is? Any advice for a speed-work newbie?

81 days until Wine & Dine 2012!


  1. Yay! I can't believe it's only 81 days until Wine and Dine! I need to write my training schedule sometime soon :) It will be a tricky one though since I will need it to flow into my full marathon training plan.

    1. I am super excited!

      My plan will flow into my marathon plan (for a Feb 3) race.. I just need to get in the swing of things with this half plan and am using it as a work-into-guide so my brain doesn't totally freak out.

      Can't wait for W&D!


    Anyways. As I was saying, Megi, you're so amazing. I'm impressed with your running and how dedicated you are to this. I'm jealous of your Ragnar and I hope that things fall into place so that we can do one next summer! Boom!

    I'm pretty sure that I don't have the balls to write my own training plan. I'm pretty sure that I would never follow it or have the respect for it if I did. Maybe someday, but I don't know.

    I'm VERY excited about Wine & Dine. Though I'm so focused on Chicago right now....

    I'm also with you on Disney feeling like a "fun" race. I feel like nobody understands when I say that, but I definitely feel that way. Too many photo opportunities.

    (Some of the girls I work with want to run the 5k at the Wine & Dine so I might do that too. Because I kind of feel like I inspire people.)

    This comment was all over the place, but I'm tired and my legs are cramping. Kloveyoubye.

    1. Awww, your comment made me smile so much! I'm impressed with YOUR running! You help keep me motivated, too! I'm SUPER EXCITED for Ragnar and yes... we will make it happen. For serious.

      I can't say I wrote this -- I took an existing one and amended it to fit my busy, busy, fall semester. Yay traveling!

      Loved your all over the place comment. :D