Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Monday...

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Dear Monday, You're providing the worst weekend hangover ever.

Dear Ragnar Teammates, Thanks for the best running adventure of my life! Though I really only got to hang out LOTS with my Van 2 (aw, Abe!) crew the most, you all contributed to an amazing adventure that I'm really glad I got to be a part of. Ragnar again, anyone? (Awesome 4-part recap, coming soon!)
At the Ragnar start line! Team 4 Score & 7 Miles Ago.
Dear body, while I understand I put you through a lot this weekend, I really don't appreciate the wide-awake status at 3 am this morning. Doing that the last two weeks was fine, but after minimal amounts of sleep this weekend, I really could have used that hour and a half I didn't get back. Work with me, here, huh?

Dear Washington, D.C., you seem like an awesome city and I'm definitely adding you to my cities-to-come-back-and-visit-for-longer-than-12-hours list. DC's the only one on the list. ;)
Typical tourist. Jeez.

Dear self, you're capable of more than you thought. Ragnar just taught you that. Rock it.

Short Monday post today. I've got lots to write about -- training recap week and at least 3 posts on Ragnar adventures alone. More coming tonight, get excited!

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