Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ragnar DC: It's HERE!

If you're still not sure what Ragnar is, watch the following video. Wasatch Back looks like a stunning race, so maybe I'll run it one day. But you'll get the idea this way!

And oh-emm-gee I am so freaking excited! It's Thursday morning, and our team is slowly gathering around the vicinity of Pittsburgh before we caravan our way down to Cumberland, Maryland, where we'll camp out like sardines in our hotel room before we start at 8:30 am (EST) Friday morning. 
Me? I'm on a plane, somewhere between Atlanta and Pittsburgh, a bundle of nerves, excitement and energy for this adventure. We've been talking about this since June, I've been packing since last Thursday (or at least thinking about packing), finished packing on Tuesday, and after work on Wednesday, drove down to Atlanta, camped out at HP's, and got to the airport at the freaking break of dawn this morning. Needless to say, I'm tired -- but tired is pretty much the only way I can preemptively describe the adventure that is about to come!  
All my stuff, pre-packing. This fit into the duffle and tote bag you see on the right. Impressive, no?
Every coworker, friend, dog parker, family member I've talked about this to probably thinks I am legitimately and certifiably crazzzzzzy. Runners think it's awesome. Duh. Here's the low-down of things you need to know:

I am Runner 9 for Team 4 Score and 7 Miles Ago. My legs are as follows:

So over the course of about 30 hours (we're currently estimated to finish in 30:00:07!), I'll run 13.9 miles. Not terrible and totally do-able. I didn't train doing double runs as much as I should have, but my legs feel really strong lately and I feel ready to go. My Leg 2 is currently estimated to start somewhere around 2 am, which I am positively terrified about -- I hate running at night! So this will be a mental and personal challenge of all challenges. Can you say excitement? I am hoping the sheer adrenaline will get me going and I can run a personal best 10K. ;)

You can also follow our team along on Twitter at #4score7mi for all the shenanigans, fun, updates and exciting news from Cumberland to DC. Sunday I'll be playing in DC for a few hours (since I've never been!) and will return to Atlanta Sunday evening. So so so excited about this -- please feel free to follow along on Twitter for our adventures! If you're running Ragnar DC, see you on the road!

Have you ever done a relay, Ragnar or not? Advice, things to know?


  1. Good luck Megan! You'll have a blast!!

    1. Thanks Nicole. It WAS a freaking blast! Your email is in my list of things to read/respond today... I promise I'll get there! :)

  2. good luck! cant wait to read all about so i can be prepared for ours in november. im ready to take lots of notes:)

    1. SO FREAKING FABULOUS. I'll provide you lots of notes. :)