Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Recap

September is over. Seriously, how is this possible?

It wasn't a great month, but really not terrible either. Swung into the first whole month of Wine and Dine training, and definitely felt the high points and hit a few lows with the mental running game. Sometimes it's just not fair! Man. But I also do believe, as I said this morning, is that you need to have bad days and bad runs sometimes -- it proves that running is all mental and that you are usually more capable than you think!

May was this:

·    Total Mileage: 69.92 miles
·    # Runs: 17 (56.14 miles)
 ·   # Cycles: 2 (13.78 miles)
·    Favorite Run: Do you really need to ask? Ragnar DC, obviously! If you didn't know that, you haven't been pay attention!

·             -  Races:
o    Running Nerds ATL 20K Relay - September 1
o    Ragnar DC - September 21-22

Other excitement and challenges included these:
  • Joining the #sweatpink community! I am so excited about this and excited to spread the pink & fitness love! 

  • Spent the weekend after Labor Day in LA for my cousin's bridal shower. Her wedding is the first weekend in November in Austin. It's crazy that it's almost here, given they've been engaged 15 months already! Excitement!
  • I had a week of winning aweosomeness -- I won five sparkly bands from Sparkly Soul (my fave headbands ever), then won a free pizza for lunch from CrowdRise via Twitter, and then won a free race entry from The Running Teacher. Can you say awesome?

On the agenda for October? A lot!
Happy October! Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Bday month to you! And how exciting, two half marathons coming up?! Have fun!!

    1. Thank you! :)

      And yeah, really... it's 3 in 6 weeks. The third is Wine and Dine on November 6th. So the middle one is the one I'm running seriously, the other two are just for fun (because a) I won one and b) how can you take Disney too seriously?!).

      Thanks for the love! :)

  2. Hey Megan! We have a lot in common...I did the run streak this summer, I'm a SPA, and I love Disney races too!!! Sounds like you had a great September!!! Keep it up!!! :-)

    1. I love it! I haven't done any of the Disney races yet, but am doing my first with Wine and Dine in November -- SO EXCITED!

      Thanks for the love! :)