Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Recap

Total run mileage: 81.88 miles     highest monthly mileage ever!
Highest weekly run mileage: 24.91 miles
     highest weekly mileage ever! 
# Runs: 18
# Rest days: 12
# Cross-training workouts: 3
# Races: 3

Highest monthly mileage ever!
Favorite run: I can’t pick between the two halfs! PRs at both kind of boost that excitement about them… so I’m going with both half marathons! Sneaky, I know. :)

Most hardcore run: Going with the AllstateATL half – those hills were no joke when they came around, but man, I felt reallllly good for 98% of that race and was super proud on how I handled them. Athens was similar, but I felt more ready for it, where as I went into Allstate blind, and then still PRed and both. Happy racing month!
Allstate ATL 13.1 Marathon Series & a new half PR!
 Current reads: Guh, nothing this month. Failing at the book reading goal!

Current obsession: Trying to think and plan all the races I want to do in 2013. Too much that I’m drooling over, not enough cash to make it all happen.

Current drink: Water and Gatorade. More Gatorade this month than normal, but I’m really quite okay with it. Looking forward to cooler mornings so I can start my hot chocolate routine. :)

Current song: Truth be told, I’ve added Gangnam Style to my running playlist. Frankly, I think it’s one of the stupidest songs ever, but it’s got such a great beat it makes it easy to bounce along to. What’s a runner to do? (And here ,you get the UGA version!)

Current wish-list: A little extra cash for some running gear – my last pair of capris finally wore themselves down so much, I’m out of capris! It’s cold enough to start wearing full leggings soon, but I like capris for indoor stuff sometimes too! Womp. I’m headed to TJ Maxx later today, as I surprisingly found quite a few pairs that I loved last week, so I pray they’re still there!

Current need: Apparently, I need to finally suck it up and buy a second pair of shoes for a rotation. See ‘bane of my existence’ below. 

Current triumph: Two half marathon PRs this month – who does that?! Awesome races this month and I can’t wait to beast it again!

Also qualifying for Half Fanatics with a Neptune classification – woot!  Waiting on confirmation from them, but yes… I did it! I will technically qualify with both a and b – a is done (two halfs in 16 days) and b will be done after W&D (three halfs in 90 days). Excitement!
Athens Half - and the new half PR!
 Current bane of my existence: My Brooks have been giving me some nasty blisters the last two weeks – they started at the Athens Half and just keep getting irritated. Note to self, this is why folks have more than one pair of running shoes. If I could only afford another pair like right now. Womp.

Current goal: Keep up the base I’ve got as I head into Month 2 of marathon training. Yep, you read that right – October was technically Month 1, but I’ve masked it with Wine and Dine training – I think my brain works better in smaller increments. I’ve got a great base and feel more in shape than I have at any point in the last year +, so I’m just going to try and run with this (pun intended) as much as possible! More on that as soon as Wine and Dine is over – get excited!

Current indulgence: Dunkin Donuts’ pumpkin donuts. Heaven. They’re my Wednesday morning reward after a good workout (for the next three months, that’s 6-7 miles on a week day. Challenging for me!), so… lots of Dunkin love in my future.

Current excitement: Austin this weekend! My cousin’s getting married on Saturday, so I fly out tomorrow! I’m spending Thursday down in San Marcos visiting some of my old students and colleagues, then heading up to Austin for dinner & drinks with some other folks. Friday, my uncle and I are heading out for some miles around Town Lake (!), then the wedding fun begins! And thennnn… the next weekend is Wine and Dine! Woot!  

October is over. Holy cow, where has 2012 gone? What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for November?

PS. Lovely recap format from Katy Beth ... because I like it. :)


  1. My biggest accomplishment this month is running a 10k on three hours of sleep and minimal training!! Doing it with two of my best friends was enough motivation to get my butt into gear. Congrats on your two PRs!! So exciting.

    1. Thanks Leah! That 10K sounds awesome, let alone on 3 hours of sleep. Impressive! :)

  2. nice recap;)you were a busy girl this month! and i totally want a pumpkin donut. like right now!

    1. Super busy month! I loved it. And the next two will be fun -- handful of races, but lots of travel and getting ready for Christmas and all that stuff.

      And go get a pumpkin donut. It's well worth it. I seriously think it's going to become a regular Wednesday thing. :)

  3. Sounds like a really fantastic month fitness wise for you! Congrats on the PRs, and highest monthly and weekly mileage! That's awesome. I'd definitely go to DD for a pumpkin donut if I had one close to me. Those things are delicious! Here's my monthly recap:

    1. Super fantastic month! Thanks for stopping by - will check yours out too!

  4. awesome job on your runs! Man girl you did greatttt! (:

    1. Thankkkk youuuu! :) Pretty excited... definitely the source of my runner's high lately! Hooray! Thank you for stopping by!

  5. great month for running and PRs! Congrats!

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for so much love lately!