Monday, October 8, 2012

Wine & Dine: Week 7

If you're looking for Week 6, stop looking. There is no week 6  post -- week 6 was terrible, lackluster and far from anything worth writing home on the blog about. With that, however, I bring you Week 7: a week where I started off (what felt like) slow, but in turned out to be an amazing week with two shining gold stars to cap it off! But that's to come later. 

Monday: 4.5 miles
The office's Birthday Brigade came to visit. :)
It was my birthday! And really, had no desire to go running (see what I mean about the week starting out rough?). So instead, I worked all day (boo for birthdays on Mondays!), went home, and had myself a delicious pizza & ice cream birthday dinner, all while camped out on the couch with my pup. Not a bad 27th birthday, truly. The Friday night prior, I had gone down to Atlanta to go out for dinner and drinks with some friends, and then stayed down Saturday to go to the Georgia Tech game and tailgate -- a decent birthday weekend! Sunday I did absolutely nothing, which happily continued into Monday.

Flowers from the love. <3
Tuesday: 8 x 400/5K pace
3.5 miles / 44:08 / 12:36 pace
Not feeling the idea of speedwork, but still had a strong desire to get out and do something. I hate fall/winter for the only reason that it starts to get dark so early and that limits any time I have for getting Molly out and to the park -- so we ran there. Killin' two birds with one stone, at its best! Olivia and her pup, Jazz, and Molly and I set off on a run-walk (mostly run!) adventure to the park, let the pups play for an hour, and then ran/walked home. Decent pace, considering the hills and pups in tow!

Molly doesn't like running all at once as much as I do.
 Wednesday: 3 miles  + strength
 2.18 miles / 21:59 / 10:05 pace
 Rolled out of bed way too late to make this really count and meet my 3 miles scheduled, but glad I still got out there and ran anyway. Chugged along at a good pace anyway. Nothing special about this morning, aside from cooler temperatures (yay!) and a good blood-pumping way to get movin' today!

Thursday: Rest
3.11 miles / 29:27 / 9:28 pace
I decided to move my rest to Friday, given the weekend I had coming up. This was the first run (since Ragnar, of course) where I deemed it dark enough (out the door by 6:40) to rock the vest on my run. Maybe I was just missing Ragnar, who knows! Set out for my usual 3-mile route and then a little bit more, just for good measure. Turned into a great tempo run overall (thank you cool weather). After this morning, I had decided I would definitely do the 5K on Saturday, so I'm happy for this run to have a good showing and prove that I can definitely rock this race on Saturday!

Friday: 4 miles 

Saturday: 9 miles
5K Race / Timothy Elementary Roadrunner 5K/ Athens, GA
I was iffy early on this week about if I wanted to do this race or not, especially given that I had the half coming up on Sunday. However, I really wanted to do it because this was my first Georgia race last October and I though it would be fun to bring it all around full-circle in this last running year. Race recap to come!

Sunday: Allstate ATL 13.1 Marathon Series
Half Marathon / Atlanta, GA
    This is what I get for a crappy week last week and an iffy start to this week? I'll take it! Race recap 
    to come also -- here's what you get for now!
Good ending to the week, and hopefully the runner's high that will get me boosted for the next couple of weeks! AthHalf is in just two weeks and now I really want to go big at this race!

Total Week Miles:  24.91
Highest weekly mileage ever!

And with this week (after the half), I officially broke 400 miles for the year! I'm at 405. Not sure I'll hit my 800 goal, but dang! This feels awesome!
How was your week? Any races, PRs, good results?


  1. I've recently been in a running funk. It happens. Thankfully this weekend really reinvigorated me. I love that you ran 2 races this weekend. That's awesome. Gotta love the thrill that a race gives you.

    1. Gave me a super thrill -- coming off a 5K PR into a half was SUCH a great booster! And it showed that despite these funks lately, I am still making process and am staying in decent shape (as are you!).

      Thanks for the love!