Friday, November 9, 2012

Wine & Dine: Week 12

Week 12 -- also known as ZOMG IT'S WINE AND DINE WEEK! I present to you the week leading up to Wine & Dine and will link up my W&D recap as soon as it's done come Monday or Tuesday! But for now, I'm excited to head down to Orlando and get into my first runDisney experience! Yay!

Will update this come Monday... but add those 13.1 on Saturday!
Monday: Rest
As always, happy smile. I love Monday rest days. Surprsingly, I wasn't dragging from flying in Sunday night, walking through my front door at 10:22 pm and being in bed by 10:26 pm. I kid you not. Monday morning wasn't as brutal as it surely could have been. 

Tuesday: 9 x 400 / 5K pace
4 miles / 35:08 / overall 8:46 pace <-- holy wow!
I woke up at 3 am to the sound of rain hitting the roof and knew there was no way I was getting out of bed at 5:45 am when it was raining outside - my original plan was to get to the gym by 6, do my track sesh, go to my polling station to vote, then go home & shower to get to work at a decent hour. I instead rolled out of bed at 6:35, threw on a hoodie & shoes, got to my polling place at 6:54, waited for a bit, but was home by 7:27 to get pretty for the day. 

With that, track session came after work - the sky cleared up throughout the day but it was balmy and gray by the time I left work. To the gym indoor track I go! I was a little wary about this speedwork day - scheduled for a 9x400 doozy. Rocked it with a 800m warm up, 9x400, and 400m cool down. Splits at: 2:05, 2:08, 2:08, 2:08, 2:05, 2:03, 2:04, 2:08, and 2:05. How's that for (nearly) consistent! I was pleasantly surprised and chuckled for every time 2:08 came across my Garmin. I'm getting somewhere, people! 
Red, white and blue Sparkly Soul at the gym for Election Day!

After the gym, I headed home for a quiet night on the couch - wrong! I had the news going with election coverage, was working online, reading Runner's World and occasionally switching back and forth between Big Bang or HIMYM.When I decide I was going to stay up as late as possible to wait for the election results (I started failing around 10), I contemplated how I was going to get my five miles in on Wednesday (late nights at work). As soon as the election was called around 11 EST, I jumped off the couch, packed my gym clothes, work clothes, breakfast, lunch and dinner for Wednesday. I have a long Wednesday ahead of me. Mmmhmm.

Wednesday: 5 miles 
5 miles / 48:15 / 9:39 pace
I was in bed and alseep before 11:45, so jumping crawling out of bed at 5:45 wasn't terrible it was torture. Woke up to the sound of a softer rain this time, which was nice, but cruel when you just want to stay in bed and sleep ... just a little bit longer. After a few minutes of playing on my phone, I grabbed my clothes and food supply for the day and headed down to the gym for a 5-mile indoor session (they're really not as bad as they seem anymore).

The women's rowing club does workouts up on the track and the rowing machines that are up on the sides of the track. Lemme just say, they don't understand the concept of walking the inside loop, running the outside loop, and not running in a wall! Let people get around you ladies! Oi! Ah well, I passed them more times than I think they cared to count. ;) My splits are all over the place (9:39, 9:20, 9:47, 9:05, 10:17) for the day, but a great run overall! Happy with the overall place and just think if I hadn't walked 1/8 mile in laps 3 and 5!

Thursday: 3 miles
I had tons to do to get ready for a half day at work on Friday before heading down to the airport and making my way to Orlando (squee!). Laundry, cleaning, finishing packing... you know, important things that require a little more attention. Whoops.
Mmm... fall.

Friday: Rest
2.18 mi / 21:09 / 9:42 pace
Since I didn't make it out on Thursday, I thought I'd hit the road for a shake-out run before I spend the afternoon on a plane (and by afternoon, I mean an hour and a half). Beautiful, cool morning

Friday was also travel day - I worked the first half of the day, then left for an early lunch and headed down to Atlanta for my flight to Orlando. Wine & Dine, I'm coming for you! So excited (can you tell?).
First brutal winter run. It was sunny, but bitter out!

Saturday: Wine & Dine Half Marathon!
13.1 miles / TBD / TBD
My only goal for this race is this: have fun. That's all I've been recommended about runDisney races - enjoy them, stop for pictures with characters, goof off, dress in costume if you want, and just enjoy the entire thing. So I plan on it.  Lots more to come, you know, once I get home!

Sunday: Cross Train
Epcot Adventure Day with Amma & Selby
I love Epcot. Seriously. I can't wait to go for the day! All that walking will make for awesome cross-training. :)

Total week miles (pre-W&D): 11.18

Who's headed do Wine and Dine with me? Is this your first half? Is this your first runDisney race?

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  1. Have a great race! I would love to get out there and do a Disney race on the east coast. I am no stranger to Disney races as I have ran the Disneyland Half Marathon here in Cali for the past 3 years. They are definitely lots of fun!