Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Recap


Total run mileage: 89.18 miles     highest monthly mileage ever!
Highest weekly run mileage: 29.74 miles
     highest weekly mileage ever! 
# Runs: 17
# Rest days: 13
# Cross-training workouts: 3
# Races: 2

Check out that November. Awww yeah.
Favorite run: Disney Half, hands down. First Disney race ever, and it's true when people say that runDisney doesn't disapppoint. Awesome expo, great race, good friends all add up to an amazing weekend. Looking forward to seeing if I can afford/handle Coast to Coast 2013! 

Alicia, me, Heather & Amma before Wine & Dine.
Most hardcore run: That first longer-than-13.1 run just to weeks ago - 14 miles set a new PDR, and was only a number of minutes longer than my first half just ten months ago. It was so exciting to know that yes, I could do it, and yes, it was going to be work the next few weeks, but it would be so worth it. I felt great at the end, didn't hurt, and was ready to get moving with the next few weeks of training. Fun times to be had! (Remind me I said this in like three weeks when I want to cry)

Current reads: Guh, nothing this month. Failing at the book reading goal still. Oh well?

Current obsession: Christmas music! Christmas decor! Hung for the Holidays ornament exchange! I love all things Christmas - despite that fact, I do not allow music or decor to go up until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That's the way we did it as kids and that's the way I continue it. Soooo the stockings are hung, candles are out (mmm cinnamon and pine and sugar cookie!) and I'm ready for the holidays! I can't decide if I want a tree or not this year, only because I'm not actually here long enough to enjoy it. The woes.

Current drink: It's hot chocolate season! Hooray! And water... lots and lots of water. And, obviously, continuing the major influx of Gatorade. Can never go wrong.

Current song: Much like Gangnam Style, I'll only admit this to other runners/readers: Ke$ha is unfortunately a damn good running buddy. She's taking over my playlist lately. </ end shame>

Current wish-list: Just waiting for the end of the semester so I know it's time to go home for Christmas already! Really excited about my plans and lack there of while on the west coast for a week and a half - on December 21, I'm flying to Vegas to meet Doug, his roommate (Chris) and his girlfriend (Nancy), and another couple we're friends with for Chris and Doug's birthdays and a fun way to kick off winter break for all of us (Chris and Doug are teachers, Nancy's a grad student). Looking forward to that! On the 23rd, we all drive back to southern California and get ready for Christmas. Insert preemptive content sigh.

Current need: Nothing, really. I feel really lucky to be able to say that. I could always use more cash here and there, and have some good debt to work off, but nothing a little good budgeting can't fix. I've been messing around with paychecks, savings, and my student loan and am excited to say that my loan will probably be paid off by this time next year - which is only a 5 year pay-off plan. Boom!

Current triumph: That PDR this month - 14 miles felt almost unreachable and knowing that I did it, I did it well, and there's more to come is really exciting! The week following was not as much of a high, but I know that there's a lot more up and down emotions and feelings about running to come and that's just part of the game.
Also qualifying for Half Fanatics last month with a Neptune classification – sending in my membership fee today and then I'm legit. Yessir.

Current bane of my existence: Nothing, really. I wouldn't call it the bane of my existence, but December's going to be pretty grueling with marathon training, so I need to get mentally psyched for it, basically. Excited, but nervous, but feeling motivated coming off this weekend. Let's hope that motivation continues!

Current goal: I've got two: a) set my goals for 2013. I've got a few mind and am really excited about them, but would like to better define them and set some attainable ones. Some of my 2012 goals weren't as realistic as I had thought they would be, so I'm re-evaluating to see what's realistic for 2013 and my dreams! And b) have a really great month of marathon training. Not only will it  be a mental challenge, as I said, but it'll be a challenge while I'm in California for the holidays to stick with it, but I did well last year and am looking forward to making great progress again (and who doesn't love not running in 30 degrees? Hello 65 degree Christmas!). 
Current indulgence: Every Christmas/holiday baked deliciousness that comes across my face/desk/work breakroom. Oh the torture!

Current excitement: The end of the semester is near! Woot! 

Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Insanity. What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for December and the end of the year?


  1. Awesome summary of the month. You did a great job with some of those longer runs and more miles in a week/month. That's exciting! Also your awesome new PR for the half was AMAZING! I'd say if you aren't going to be home much to enjoy a tree and you have some other things you can put up to enjoy the season maybe stick with saving your energy for other things....but that's just a thought.

    1. Thanks dear! It doesn't feel like it added up to that much, but MAN I did some work last month! I definitely have some other decorations around -- Molly and I have our stockings up, my window is lined in lights, Christmas scented candles... there's enough. It's just hard because I have SO many ornaments I would love to have displayed!