Sunday, December 2, 2012

Surf City: Week 9

After last week's seemingly long run bust, I wanted to rebuild and kind of re-focus. I think I started that off well this week and managed to carry it all out too. Stoked with how this week went - check it out!

Monday: Rest
Nothing spectacular about this Monday. After a week with no students at all over the Thanksgiving week, it was nice having some hustle and bustle back around our office. Overall, less than thrilling, but a great rest day to get ready for the week.
Started decorating on Sunday and Monday - no fireplace, so the bookshelf suffices!

Tuesday: 40 minute tempo
4.5 miles / 40:34 / 9:00 pace
I was scheduled to get to the gym Tuesday morning - alarm set for 5:40 and everything. But, as I laid wide awake at 3:30 am, until nearly 5, I knew there was no way it was happening, so I sucked it up and went after work instead. With 40 minutes scheduled, I figured I could get in a solid 4 miles, but should hit above that to ensure that my pace was at least 30 seconds faster than my steady pace. I got to work the first mile and was ecstatic at my first lap. I'll leave it there - miles 1 and 2 were awesome, and I used the first lap of miles 3 and 4 as a walk lap, but booked it to the end of those. Splits at

 Mile 1: 8:44
Mile 2: 8:39

Mile 3: 9:09

Mile 4: 9:12

Also, be sure you're joining me and Run DMT for Track Tuesdays (or whichever day of the week you prefer)! Check my weekly post out here!

Wednesday: 7 miles
5.12 miles / 53:23 / 10:25 pace
Wednesday morning I managed to make it up and out to the gym at a decent hour. I was up and on the track by 6:20, so I  had a decent amount of time but had to really push it to get in the full miles, shower and get out of the parking deck (beginning at 8 am you pay... and I hate paying!). Legs didn't feel heavy, but after seeing the first few mile splits, I realized that they were a little tired from the tempo the night before. I called it a victory to still get 5 solid miles in before the sun was up and called it a morning.

My students also had their end of the semester celebration on Wednesday night, their last meeting of the semester. They had a cook-off based by committees, and my co-advisor and I got to be the judges. Yes and thank you times ten - free dinner, but amazing job by them all! Bacon mac 'n cheese, peppermint bark, a gingerbread house... how can you go wrong? Check out the winners:

Thursday: 4 miles
4.02 miles / 38:15 / 9:30 pace
I was tired of running inside this week, even after only those two runs, but knew that I needed to get up and moving early to get some time outside. It's definitely settling into winter around here, as the Weather Channel app proved to me... brrrr. Looking forward to some warm runs in southern California in a few weeks! Woo hoo! Headed out for a quick and easy four miles, awesome pace, felt great... as much as I hate it at first, I really do believe my statement from last winter in that I run better in the cold. Go figure.
Brrrr indeed! But awesome cold weather run!

Friday: Rest
As much as I've loved Monday rest days, I think I've learned to appreciate Friday rest days even more. It didn't feel like much rest, however - being pay day, and obviously a work day, I headed straight to the grocery store after work to get my shopping in for the next few weeks (making a mad attempt to shop once in three weeks until I head home for Christmas). Got home around 7, unpacked, made dinner and laid on the couch. Finally.

Saturday: 16 miles
13.12 / 2:09:10 / 9:50 pace + 2.98 / 32:43 / 11:00 pace for 16.1 miles

 Decided earlier this week to run this, and so glad I did! Beautiful course in the countryside, rolling hills but nothing terrible and challenging enough. Ran 3-1 intervals the whole way (awesome), paced a lady to a 5-minute PR (awesomer) and finished with a new PR myself by 49 seconds AND an age group win (awesomest)!

After the half, came home and before I let myself go upstairs, ran the additional mileage I needed to get to my scheduled 16 for the day. It's rough running 13, sitting for 35 minutes and then running again. Whew! All in all, just over 2:41:00 for 16.1 miles on the morning. Almost exactly a 10-minute mile pace with the two runs combined, which I'd say is damn awesome. You can read allllll about it here

Sunday: Cross-train
11.01 mi cycle / 49:21 / 13.4 mph pace
Got up and moving way too early for a Sunday morning and eventually made my way to the gym for a little cycling time. It helps that there was a swim meet going on that the machines overlook, so I had some entertainment and distractions to keep me occupied. No shame.
Love. ;)
Sunday also ended with a birthday party for my fur-kid. Yes, seriously. She turned 4 and while I've always wanted to do something for her, it always fell into a really bad time with work. Now that I can... she got one! Cookies for the puppies, cupcakes for the humans, and a really happy kiddo.

Happy birthday Molly! I love you!
 Overall a seriously amazing week and hope I can ride into this next week to kick off December on a super high note. Proud of the work I did this week, excited about another new half PR and making the next few weeks count! Happy end to November - full month recap here! Highest monthly mileage ever and I know there's only more to come in December! Eep!

Total Week Run Miles: 29.74
Total XT Miles: 11.01
Total Week Miles: 40.75

Here I come December. Bring it! 

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