Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Bondi Band

A few weeks ago, I was presented with the opportunity to try out and review Bondi Band, just for a little funsies.

As they advertise:

I've seen tons of runners at races and at blogs I follow who swear by them, and it was high time I saw what all the fuss was about. So, they were wide headbands? And? Did they add wings to my back and guarantee a PR? (Seemingly, yes) Did they play music so I didn't have to carry headphones too? (Sadly, no). I was able to contact BB and ask if it would be possible to review one of their headbands - and they very graciously said yes! How exciting!
Disregard the gross, tired, post-half face.

Now, y'all know I swear by my Sparkly Soul headbands, but with the cold weather creeping in, sometimes you just need something that's a little more practical with the 30-degree wind slapping at your face. I thought Bondi headbands could be a could alternative for that - they're so wide, that perhaps they'd hold back my fly-aways AND keep my ears warm at the same time.

I finally gave this guy a go at the Walton County Inaugural Half Marathon two weeks ago. Since I chopped my hair off in November, I've got a lot more fly-aways than normal and hoped that this super sweet headband with do the trick for 13.1 miles. I had my hair in two stubby pigtails, just for a little extra flare (because why not?) and put BB to the test. Not to mention that the band they sent me has the best mantra: Feel It, Fight It, Finish It! What better for a half marathon than that?

No slip, no drip is a true statement! Bondi Band success. My hair didn't budge, let alone find a single fly-away before, during or after that race. I wanted to see what other options they have, and let me tell you - if you want that color/pattern/saying/whatever, they probably carry it! Check 'em out:

All these options also come on multiple fabric color options!
Bondi also makes everything from these headbands, to skinny braided ones that are adorable, matching sets for dog and owner (you know I'm a sucker for such things), wicking ponytail hats (my next winter thought), and lots of other awesome running, fitness and related goodiess. Check them out if you haven't already!

Are you a Bondi Band fan? Or are you thinking about it now? :)

Disclaimer – All opinions expressed in this review, and all my reviews, are my own.  Bondi Band did not pay me to say this, solely provided me with one to try, which as you can see, didn't disappoint!

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  1. I have tried knockoffs - I was like, a headband is a headband, right? Then I tried Bondibands, and they are really superior. Headbands are always prone to slipping out of my hair, but these stay in, and catch my copious sweat.