Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Track Tuesday 4

I'm pairing up with Denise at Run DMT to bring you a weekly thread where you can brag, show off, cry or celebrate your weekly  (or whenever it is) speed workout. Whether it's Monday, Tuesday, or never, you can link up (at the bottom) and tell us all about your session! 

 I mentioned that I was experimenting with making Sunday a rest day, Monday cross-train, and then proceed with the rest of the week as normal. Sunday was a great rest day, and Monday went sour with work and the rain and blah... so after picking up some dog food, I fed myself Chipotle and promptly sat on the couch instead of going to the gym. Felt like a failure. And around 9 pm, decided I was going to make sure I made Tuesday count. Packed my gym bag, packed my lunch, packed the stuff for the day, was in bed at 10 and ready for dreading that 5:40 alarm clock, but ready to get up and do it.

I wish it weren't winter so I could actually use the outdoor track.

Today's schedule was a 40 minute tempo, which I knew I could handle. I don't think my brain would've been able to handle 400 m repeats or anything just yet. Somewhere in the middle of mile 2, my right quad start feeling tight, so (I thought) I loosened up a little bit, but pushed on. Happy with my first mile, I wanted to be sure mile 2 was just as good (spoiler: it was). Mile 3 felt more difficult, and for as hard as I was pushing forward, I knew I'd be satisfied with a solid 3 miles under 30 minutes, plan and simple.

Results? Mile splits at 9:19, 9:04, and 8:58 for a total of 3 miles in 27:15. What the what?! Really excited to see that my splits went down (pretty significantly) with each mile, which is definitely a first for me. Excitement! This was the (shortened) boost I needed to get my week started!

Do you do regular speedwork as part of a training plan? Did you this week? Link it up! If you post on Twitter, don't forget to use #TrackTuesday too!

And feel free to add the button to your site and entry, too!

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