Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Surf City | Week 12 & Giveaway Winners!

OH MY GOODNESS. Great week throughout, finally. I'm almost bummed I cut it short (thank you, Vegas) but I feel like I deserved this weekend 'off' and hope that it'll give the motivation to a) kick ass at the half on Wednesday and b) power through the next few weeks. Here we go! SIX weeks to go! Eeeep!

Monday: Rest
After Sunday's torrential downpour of a 5K, I was more than happy staying in my (dry!) warm, bed. Rest day happily accepted.

Tuesday: 9 x 400 m 
9 x 400 m / 4.13 mi total / 38:28 / 9:19 pace
I was a little emotionally charged from the day, and was ready to get some frustrations and extraneous mind boggle out of my head. The only way to do that? The gym, obviously.

My 9 x 400s usually go as such - 800 m warm up, 400 m repeats with 200 m rest & 400 m cool down. The splits (this is where it gets good!): 1:56, 1:55, 1:55, 1:54, 1:54, 1:48, 1:50, 1:56, 1:51! Snap! Should do track workouts while emotionally-charged more often (I kid. Sort of.) Personal best 400m at 1:48, and on set 6 no less! WHEW!

Don't forget to link up for Track Tuesdays! Be sure you're joining me and Run DMT each Tuesday (or, you know, whichever day of the week you prefer)! Check out this week's post out here!

Wednesday: 8 miles
8.12 mi / 1:19:23 / 9:46 pace
After the awesome Tuesday session, I really wanted to make Wednesday rock. I realize that I say that every week, but now that I'm getting down to that 6-week wire, I know that now is my chance to make things count. It's go time, baby! Headed to the gym after work for 64 make that 65 laps on the track.

Solid, strong 8 miles. OF the 8 laps per mile, I walked the first one and would run the rest, would say my slowest mile was just about 10:05. But with an overall of 9:46, I'd say this was a super success. So happy with how this went! I never thought I'd be able to bust out 8 miles on a weekday evening, but so excited to say that a) I finally did it and b) it was fantastic!

Thursday: 4 miles
4.25 mi / 39:07 / 9:12 pace
Last run in Georgia until 2013! Quick 4 miles after work (yes, back at the gym, ugh!), but wanted to make one last good southern showing for 2012. I'm ready to get to California where I might not totally freeze on morning runs outside. Aaaaah. Anyway, planned for 4 and figured if I felt good (as good as I did on Wednesday, at least), then I'd push for a little bit more because well... why not? Pushed through for a strong last quarter mile and really happy with this run too. Week = success!

Friday: Rest
Vegas-bound! Friday was chaotic - it was the last day of work (I took a half day) and left at lunch. I said bye to the pup and dropped her off at boarding where she'll be until I'm back on the 2nd (I hate doing that to her). :( Ran a last errand, got my car home, and a friend took me back to campus to catch the shuttle to the airport. Whew!

Landed in Vegas at 9:30, and headed straight here, duh, as tradition requires:
And then played all weekend!

I was in Vegas. Wasn't that a given that I would be resting? ;)

[source, until I get mine uploaded!]
Sunday: Cross-Train
Walking the Strip ... totally counts.
I wasn't counting on making this happen, given that we weren't conscious Sunday morning until nearly noon. But we walked nearly the whole strip all afternoon, so it was a good mellow way to get something done, right? Right.

Total Week Run Miles: 16.5
Total XT Miles: maybe 2?
Total Week Miles: 18.5 or so. :)

And, the excitement you've been waiting for... our Premier Protein giveaway winners! So many thank yous to PP for hosting this and allowing me to have FIVE winners!
All the winners have been emailed. If you are a winner, you must email me back by Friday, December 28 at 5 pm EST with your address! If not, a new winner will be chosen!

Merry Christmas everyone!

How did your training go this week? 

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