Monday, December 31, 2012

Surf City | Week 13

To be noted: winter training is hard. Holiday training is hard. Add traveling to the opposite coast for a week and holiday shenanigans and a half-mary mid-week and it's reallllly hard. 

Monday: 45 Minute Tempo
Yeah. We got back from Vegas about 11:15 on Sunday night and there was no way I was getting it together to get out the door - not to mention there was some running around. I went and met up with a friend from grad school and her boyfriend who were in from New York for Christmas - I haven't seen her in almost two years, so it was so great to see her and catch up. Doug and I ran a few last minute Christmas errands (because who doesn't?) and rest up before we headed to my aunt's for our Christmas Eve celebrations. Glad I took this day to "rest."

Tuesday: Rest
2.95 miles / 28:01 / 9:29 pace
Merry Christmas! Given that Monday was an off day, and I really needed to get my legs going prior to the half on Wednesday, I went for a few early miles on Christmas morning. I wish I had pushed through to get to the full 3 at least, but it was a great run, cool out, but not Georgia brisk. Beautiful Christmas day in California!

Wednesday: Operation Jack Half Marathon
13.07 miles / 2:14:06 / 10:15 pace
Well, considering the last six days were filled with dancing and drinks in Vegas, no running, and just one three-mile stint the morning before, I'd say... not too shabby. Read all about it here!

Thursday: Rest
My sister left Thursday - sad day. Oddly enough, the only pain I felt after the half was in my lower back. I know I run with pretty poor posture, and I'm certain that a flat race, when I'm used to such hills, didn't really help that anymore either. Lower back pain sucks - but I'm glad it's not my hammies or my knees and I can at least walk normally!

Friday: 5 miles
It felt like the longest week ever. 

Saturday: Cross
Snow-shoeing! / 1:40ish / 2 miles ish?
Headed up to Big Bear with my mom, aunt and uncle. It was forecasted to pour down at home, so we knew we'd get snow... but holy wow! Amazing. Our 10-hour adventure included just over an hour and a half of snow-shoeing and a treacherous two and a half hour drive back down the mountain in the dark. Fun times, so glad we got to go again!

Sunday: 20 miles
15.50 / 3:12:23 / 12:24 pace
My sorority sister Kasey was in So Cal for the weekend, so we had plans to go down to the beach and knock out so major miles. Started off with 3-1 intervals to conserve energy instead of my normal 4-1s, and felt GREAT. We double-backed to the starting point (10.25 mi) and after that Kasey fought with a blister and knee so we only went back out a little ways. Just about mile 12, her knee was hitting her with a sharp pain every time she bent it - problematic. So we turned around early and headed back to the car. I double-backed and did loops around so as to keep getting mileage in and am happy with the 15.5. Slower pace than normal but I felt awesome. Worried about KC's knee! :( I had every intention to finish the 4.5 this morning, but that pesky head cold hit me full-force. Ah well, a great way to end the 2012 running year!

Total Week Run Miles: 35.47
Total XT Miles: 2?
Total Week Miles: 37.47-ish


How did your training go this week? How was your Christmas?

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