Monday, January 21, 2013

Surf City | Week 16

I knew this week could potentially be really long - lots of work stuff coming up, and while exciting, a very, very busy weekend ahead in Texas. I pushed through, made good of it and am happy with the outcome! This was my first official week of tapering - I've dreaded the mythical (or legit) taper madness, but truth be told, given that I was out for a week and a half with that cold, I feel like now I can just appreciate being able to run at all during these next two weeks (eeek! TWO!?). My goals for tapering weeks are really that I just can't miss a run or a session - need to carry it out, make it count, and maintain all the work I've done since October 1.
Tapering reminder!
Monday: Rest
I really don't remember last Monday at all. Resting is wonderful for that very reason!

Tuesday: 10 x 400m / 5K pace
5 x 400 / 2.62 mi / 23:00 / 8:46 pace + 2.25 cycle cool-down
I knew, even as I was barely walking into the gym, that a 10 x 400 sesh was going to be rough. Being that this was going to be my first whole week back in training since the chest cold from hell, it would be a stretch if I got to 10 repeats. The track was completely empty, which was awesome, but I could only push my body so far. 5 repeats it was - still a half success! Read more here, and check out our posts every Track Tuesday!

Wednesday: 4 miles pace
4 mi / 36:57 / 9:14 pace + .25 cool down
So so so happy with these 4 miles. Pushed myself hard, just to make sure I was still in the game and ready to get to work. Great morning at the gym to start my day and the boost I needed to be sure that I finished out the week strong!

Thursday: Rest
Thursday wasn't originally my rest day, but after the long day that Wednesday became, and the amount of stuff I needed to do before heading to the airport straight from work on Thursday afternoon... it just wasn't going to happen. Thankfully Heather and I got to make a 24 Hour Fitness date for Friday morning, so I got to make up for the fact. Success.

Friday: 3 miles
3.1 mi / 33:17 / 10:44 pace + 6.72 mi cycle / 40:00
HP and I ventured up to a 24 Hour to get our sweat on. She was doing Body Pump and for as much as I wanted to try it, I wasn't sure that I should jump into something new just two-ish weeks out from the race. So I ran instead on the dreadmill - it's been awhile since I've done that and I remember why. Ha! No time goal for this run, just a solid 3 miles to gear up for Sunday's long run.

Saturday: Rest
Our sorority board meeting was all day Saturday and went straight into the dinner and induction ceremony for our new chapter at Texas State. Full post coming soon of all the fabulousness! Amazing weekend and so excited I got to be there to celebrate these women and their accomplishments.
They all wanted to wear cowboy boots together - LOVE.

It's such an amazing opportunity to get to see a new chapter form - from meeting two of these girls at our Convention in July, to meeting my little sister when I visited in November, and seeing them through all this. Knowing their ups and downs, seeing them continue to push forward and not let it drag them down for too long, it's so much fun to help them celebrate and see that they have so many sisters, both active and alum, who are there to support their new endeavors. So excited to see this chapter grow, thrive, and make Texas State even more awesome than it already is. Congratulations to our 19 Alpha Nu founding mothers!

Sunday: 10 miles
8.44 mi / 1:26:11 / 10:12 pace
Sunday morning after the last of our business I got to meet up with one of my former co-workers from Texas State, Andre, (who I used to spend many mornings running with) and get in some miles around San Marcos. Through some of my old running stomping grounds, around some new areas that have popped up in the last year and a half... it was wonderful. Got quite warm towards the end, but an awesome run overall. At first I was disappointed I ran short, but realized I still went over my scheduled miles for the week with that, so I call it a success anyway.
Andre and I, post long run!
Happy with this week overall - here's to Taper Week 2 and counting down to the madness that is to be 26.2!

Total Week Run Miles: 18.16
Total XT Miles 8.97
Total Week Miles: 27.13


How did your training go this week? 


  1. ahhhh! 2 weeks, i cant even believe it! taper madness is legit and real and kind of mean actually. dont let it drive you too crazy! cant wait to see you soon:)

    1. I can't believe two weeks either - WHERE have the last 16 weeks gone? Seriously. Oi. Not driving me crazy yet, but I definitely see my motivation dropping, which is what I'm scared of.

      See you soooooooooooon! :)

  2. Great job on smashing your workouts into that crazy week!! I can't believe that it's almost time - eek!! As for taper madness, I really didn't notice it but I guess it's because I packed my spare time with getting ready for the race. Your body is going to love you the next 10 days for giving it a break. Bring on the 26.2!!

    1. YOU can't believe it's almost time? IIIIIII can't believe it's almost time! Eeeep! I haven't really felt the taper madness either - I think partially because I had 9 days off with being sick, now I'm just glad to run. Motivation is def dropping off though, so that's what worries me now.

      DUN DUN DUN. It's here!