Friday, March 29, 2013

Sub-2 Dreams

Y'all know that one of my primary goals for 2013 is pulling off my first sub-2 half marathon, among other speedy goals and general fitness things. My half PR currently stands at a 2:09, so I have a little bit of work to do - 9 minutes (and 11 seconds) to cut off to hit at least that coveted 1:59:59.

I've decided my time is just 4 weeks from now:

Nike Womens DC - you're mine.

I am almost done with Week 1, and am excited about the work I've done already. I have only these five weeks to get back in gear, and get some really tough workouts under my belt, but I'm ready. With this course, I feel that I have a great chance to make this happen:

It's nothing completely out of control, and with one realy good downhill, I think this course provides a great chance to not only do a little work, but that it sets me up for a great sub-2: two hills, one great downhill, and completely (or almost) flat all the way inbetween.

So that being said, I've got a tough five four weeks. My longest run since the marathon (prior to last week's Publix Half) was two 6-mile-ish runs, and a handful of wimpy runs inbetween those. My speedwork with the Athens Road Runners has certainly been helpful to getting myself back in gear. With those regularly accounted for, and thanks to running with some fabulous people, I think those are going to make all the difference. With that, a lot of this is on me to rock solo.

My plan, friends (image links to Google doc training plan):

- Rest/XT:  There are two days of Rest/XT each week. My intention is to take one as a full rest day, and use the other for some true cross-training and strength days.
- Speedwork: 1 day of speedwork per week. While this plan has specific speed sessions mapped out, I'm working with our track coach every Wednesday. He knows of my sub-2 plan and is going to help make sure that I've got my ground covered. So these days may not be totally according to plan, but still in target zones.
- Runs:  Increasingly steady pace. I think I know that I already need to move up those paces a little bit, but I'm only in week 1, so will see how I feel coming off this week.
- Long Run: 1 long run each week at a moderate pace (10:18 or 10:24). Given that my longest run has been those 6 miles, I'll still be pushing it through those days. Looking forward to getting in some good mileage again!

Please note that this plan is derived from Runner's World sub-2 training plan and drastically modified to squeeze into my 5-week time allotment. I'm also not totally starting from scratch, thankfully, and thus why I'm jumping straight into an 8-miler to kick myself off this weekend and successfully complete week 1. Before you start any training plan, no matter how rigorous, consult your doctor, read it thoroughly and think about what's best for you and your fitness, timing, and strength. I think this is going to work well for me, but that's knowing my own limits.

So yeah - much to do, four more weeks to go! Wish me luck!You can also follow along with my newly coined #sub2orbust hashtag - all the things related to the next four weeks will likely be tagged. Join me... and apparently the lots of other folks using it too!

Other advice, tips, and suggestions for hitting a sub-2? What is your magic race time goal?


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    1. Thanks Jeni! :) PS - running Clemson tomorrow after all! Woo!

  2. You want that sub two half and I want that sub four marathon! It looks like you have a great plan to get there. I am no expert but I would try running at your goal pace for a few miles and see how comfortable you are with the pace. Most of the runs are in the 10:XX pace and I think you can handle a little bit more based on your speed work and other workouts you have posted. Don't push it too hard because I don't want you to get hurt but I think you can go a little faster :) Good Luck!

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! Based on my work this week, I'm definitely on planning adjusting my goal pace. I just haven't gotten around to updating that spreadsheet yet (on it today). I'm certainly listening to my body - pushing it, but not to the point that I want to fall over. Thanks for the encouragement. WE GOT THIS!

  3. I was hoping to go for sub-2 next week, but my knee disagrees... gotta refocus and rest up so I can have success during the 26.2

    1. Is your knee still bothering you? Eep! :( And yes. Let's focus on 26.2 and then we'll get you that elusive sub-2 also!

  4. In my [limited] experience, PRs always feel hard. It's always better to have someone right alongside to push you, so pace groups are always the way to go if they're available. If you're pushing mid-to-upper 9s on a regular basis now, I think you can do it! Your workouts, particularly your speed sessions, have been looking pretty solid :)

    My 2013 magic race time goal is a sub-1:35 half. I don't think Pittsburgh in May will be the right time for it, but I've got my sights set on Air Force in September. Here's hoping!

    1. I think I'm definitely doing this one with a pace group - I've never actually run WITH one before, but have used them as my guides in previous races. I feel pretty confident, especially with the fact (like you said) that my runs are all pretty much mid-upper-9s right now, I think I can totally make it work. I feel pretty solid. :)

      And DAMN, a 1:35. Oi. Impressive! You got this!